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October 15, 2020
Adobe Creative Suite 4 and Flash Player 10 Now Available!

Read the press releases here:

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Now Shipping
October 15, 2020

Adobe Flash Player 10 Now Available
October 15, 2020

Come and get 'em! Improve your web experience just by installing the new Flash Player 10 by visiting this page: Flash Player 10 Page and check out the unbelievable features and fusion of Adobe and former Macromedia technologies in the new CS4 suite here: Creative Suite 4 page.


October 9, 2020
Adobe CS4 Rocks

I've installed and am using CS4 Production Premium, and let me just say it totally rocks.

I should note here that Adobe employees obviously have early access to our own pre-release bits at any point in the release cycle, so I would not infer from this posting when the bits would be publicly available, etc, just watch the Adobe web site for that. However, we did announce that Adobe Creative Suite 4 and its associated point products are scheduled to ship in "October 2020 with availability through Adobe Authorized Resellers and the Adobe Store" so -- there. :)

Now, I'm obviously a little biased here as an Adobe employee but as one small feature example, the new "Transcribe" option in CS4 which analyzes and transcribes audio tracks with spoken speech into actual text (stored in the metadata of the file), is absolutely, positively mind-blowing. You can actually search for text and jump to that exact point in the file where the word instances you are searching for were spoken. Using this to speed the production of multi-lingual subtitles on videos on DVD production, would be one real-world use for this. Just transcribe, review, translate and burn with multi-lingual subtitles on your videos. I'm lost for words.

The bits aren't yet available to the general public (coming soon), but you can check out the details on the Adobe site for now and I think you can pre-order but don't quote me on that:

All I can say is, Wow. Nice job guys.


May 29, 2020
Adobe MAX North America Registration Now Open

Adobe MAX 2020/2009 will be held in San Francisco, California from Novemeber 16-19, 2020, in Milan, Italy from December 1-4, 2020 and in Tokyo, Japan in January, 2009.

Don't miss this awesome technology event. Space is limited and it's an great opportunity to connect with thousands of designers, developers, partners, executives, and Adobe staff and product teams for education, inspiration, and community.

Check it out and get your registration in here:


January 3, 2020
Gosling on Flash

I have a lot of respect for Sun's James Gosling, fellow Canadian that he is, and inventor of Java, but his comments here about Adobe Flash seem off center to me:

In particular, "If you look at something like Flash, when you get to the much more advanced stuff -- richer interfaces, more complex network protocols, more complex APIs -- it really falls short."

John Dowdell, fellow Adobian, captures my sentiments exactly in his blog here:


December 11, 2007
NATO Adopts Adobe Flex and LiveCycle Data Services

This morning a joint press release went out over the wire from Adobe and NATO, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, announcing that NATO is adopting Adobe® Flex™ and Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES software. Flex and LC Data Services ES will be used for in it's new "Mission Support System" (MSS).

Read the full press release here.

The system will " improve NATO's operational readiness, by reducing the time to prepare for missions, and improve the delivery of information to flight crew members."

Very cool stuff. Since I've taken on the additional responsibility for the Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES Engineering team here at Adobe, it's a reminder to me that we bear an awesome responsibility to our customers to make sure our software is the very best we can humanly produce when it goes out the door. Organizations the world over are depending on us to get it right.

According to the press release, by delivering the new system as an Rich Internet Application (RIA) with Flex and LCDS, NATO crew members will be able to put together mission briefs aggregated from over 80 different data sources, including information such as flight numbers, details about the region and routes to take refuge in case of an emergency. Mission briefs are highly visual electronic maps that show all the information they need to analyze, develop and deliver in preparation for a mission.

For those who may not be familiar wth Adobe LiveCycle Data Services, check out the official product page here on the Adobe website: It allows applications tpo be developed that automatically synchronize data between rich Internet applications (Flex and Ajax) and back end servers, providing real-time data push and publish/subscribe messaging, and enable collaborative and occasionally disconnected applications.

For those Adobe ColdFusion customers following my blog, not to worry: I'm still a part of the ColdFusion team and will keep my responsibilities there for the foreseeable future. But watch this space for more to come about both Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES AND Adobe ColdFusion.

It's a great time to be building Internet applications!


November 25, 2007
Adobe Stock Showcased in Apple iPhone TV Ad

So....I'm watching "The Universe" on The History Channel this holiday weekend, and lo and behold, an Apple iPhone advertisement comes on (nothing shocking there...the Christmas shopping season has begun), and I'm half-paying attention, when....


Was that.....?

(I back up with my DVR for a closer look...)

Yep, sure enough, it's the Adobe stock symbol ("ADBE") on the Apple iPhone ad.

Huh! Well that's kinda cool.

(Yes, yes, I'm a long-time Adobe employee and shareholder and I admit I have a built-in sixth sense that automatically detects and alerts to any occurence of the four-letters "A-D-B-E"!)

I hit "pause" on the DVR and took a picture of the Apple iPhone ad with MY iPhone:


Does this mean Apple employees are watching Adobe stock on all their iPhones? Or maybe the Apple ad agency is a creative shop and thus uses a lot of Adobe products and it was a known quantity to them, or....

Perhaps, and more likely I suppose, they just wanted some commonly held stocks that are easily recognizable that were showing "green" (up) :)

Anyway, let the speculation and conspiracy theories begin, but I thought it was interesting!

I hope everyone had (and has) a great and safe holiday!


October 31, 2007
Adobe Senior Product Manager, LiveCycle Data Services

We have an immediate opening for a Senior Product Manager of LiveCycle Data Services (aka "Flex Data Services"), and we're looking for the right candidate with the "right stuff". Full job description and Req details are here:

Adobe Senior Product Manager of LiveCycle Data Services

If you or someone you know think you might be a good fit for this demanding and rewarding job, please do let me/us know! (There is an "Apply Now" button on that link).



April 16, 2007
Adobe Creative Suite 3 is Now Shipping

This has got to be one of the best suites of software products ever created on the planet.


Check it out:


March 27, 2007
Adobe CS3 Info and Product Selector Available

Adobe Creative Suite 3 ("CS3") information and the CS3 Product Selector are available here:

CS3 is super-sweet. Check it out.


December 6, 2004
New Macromedia Knowledge Base System Online
Freshly launched and ready for action, the Macromedia Knowledge Base is a self-service guided search tool that enables customers to quickly find precise MM information.

Some info from the team on this great new tool:

It's located at the top of, as well as all the product support pages, the Macromedia Knowledge Base allows customers to access precise technical information (technotes), Macromedia Developer Center articles, and Macromedia Customer Service notes on policies and procedures.

An intuitive guided search tool within the Knowledge Base allows users to fine-tune their queries based on established categories and "best bet" choices.

Each search that a user performs automatically provides structured feedback so we can continually contribute new technical information to make the Knowledge Base more effective for customers.

Some highlights:

- Front page of Knowledge Base
- FAQ and Captivate demo
- Feedback from customers can be done via the form on the web.
- Internal inquires can be sent to

Check it out.