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May 15, 2006
How To: CF/FlexBuilder 2 App Gen Wizard Demo (11 minutes)

Dean Harmon (CF / FB App Wizard guru and Adobe CF Team Sr Dev Engineer) has produced a demo of using the CF / FlexBuilder 2 Application Wizard.

Check it out!


Enjoy! (And thanks Dean!)


CF/FlexBuilder 2 App Gen Wizard Available

How'd you like to be able to generate complete custom Flex 2 / CF DB-oriented apps (all code, all tiers) in less than 15 minutes? Now THAT would jump-start your Flex 2 /CF RIA app development, wouldn't it?

Well, today is your lucky day: tonight (aprox 6:30PM EST), the newest CF Extensions for Flex Builder (dated 5/15/06) will be available on the Adobe Labs site, and as promised they include:

- The New CF / Flex Builder 2 App Gen Wizard
- Full CF7 documentation under Eclipse Help
- New CF / FB Extension documentation under Eclipse Help
- New Eclipse "feature" formatted zip structure

Here's few sample screen shots of some simple Flex 2/CF RIA apps generated by the Wizard These took only a few minutes to create and were entirely auto-generated (no hand coding or tweaking required whatsoever):

Generated Flex 2 / ColdFusion Application: Art Gallery   Generated Flex 2 / ColdFusion Application: Northwind

Of course, the Wizard can be re-run as many times as you like while retaining all the work you've done previously, so you can easily iterate over your application, adding and tweaking it using the Wizard until you're happy with it (and then you can of course, show your boss and take the rest of the month off :)

Ruby-on-Rails, move on over...you were interesting with your OO, MVC, hyper-RAD, Asynchronous Call, N-Tier, Rich Client, interative development and code generation productivity...but now customers have all that and much, nuch more with CF, Flex 2 and Flash. Sweet!

Download the newest CF Extensions for Flex Builder (dated 5/15/06) here (6:30PM EST or later) http://labs.adobe.com

NOTE: If you've installed the previous Beta 3 CF Extensions /plugins for FB, you'll need to first remove those plugins before installing the updated set of CF Extensions:

1) To uninstall the Beta 2 or Beta 3 ColdFusion Extension plugins for Flex Builder:
1. Stop Flex Builder Beta 3.
2. Under your installed FlexBuilder 2 Beta 3 "plugins" directory, find and delete all files and directories of name "com.adobe.coldfusion.*.*"
3. Restart Flex Builder Beta 3.

2) To install the ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder:
1. Download and save the "CF_FBExtensions_B3_0515.zip" file (11,643KB)
2. Select Help > Software Updates > Find and Install.
3. Select the Search For New Features To Install option, and then click Next.
4. Click New Archive Site.
5. Select the "CF_FBExtensions_B3_0515.zip" file, and then click Open. The file is located in the Extras folder if you installed ColdFusion MX 7.0.2 using the default values.
6. When the Edit Local Site dialog box appears, click OK.
7. Ensure that the ColdFusion Flex Builder feature is selected, and then click Finish.
8. Select the check box next to "CF_FBExtensions_B3_0515.zip", and then click Next.
9. Select the I Accept The Terms In This License Agreement option, and then click Next.
10. Click Finish.
11. Click Install All.
12. When the installation is complete, click Yes to restart Flex Builder

3) To invoke the Wizard for the first time:
- Select File->New->Other->ColdFusion Wizards->ColdFusion/Flex Application Wizard.

Note that you require a properly configured ColdFusion RDS connection to use the Application Wizard. We're working on some Captivate (screencast) demos for you to hopefully give you a bit of a "test drive" tutorial in using the Wizard. It's a very powerful piece of technology, but some of it's nuances in getting your app to do the right thing may not be immediately obvious, but make total sense when you see them in action.

Stay tuned for more...there's never been a better time to be a ColdFusion developer!