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May 8, 2006
ColdFusion MX 7 Flex Connectivity Updater - 7.0.2 BETA 3 Now Available

Today we released Flex 2 Beta 3 and ColdFusion MX 7 Flex Connectivity Updater - 7.0.2  BETA 3. We sincerely hope you can take some time and put both through their paces.

In this Beta you will find features that allow ColdFusion to provide server-side logic for Flex applications and hot fixes to other ColdFusion functionality. Beta 3 includes the following key components:

  • An updated CF Reporting Engine
  • CF 7.0.1 Cumulative Hotfix 1, 2 and 3, including MS IE EOLAS fix for UI components, Flash Forms, etc.
  • Updates JRE to 1.4.2_09 for Server and JRun Multi-Server configurations
  • New "Flex Integration" CF Admin page to turn on/off Flash Remoting and Flex Data Services support
  • Support for restricting the IP address of machines that are allowed to connect to the Flex Asynchronous Messaging Gateway and CF Flex Data Services.
  • Flash Remoting Update, Flex Asynchronous Messaging Event Gateway, and Flex Data Services Adapter all now support user authentication
  • Flash Remoting AS3 Update
  • Flex Asynchronous Messaging Event Gateway
  • Flex Data Services Adapter
  • ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder 2
  • Services Browser (remote Web Services and CFCs) Plug-in
  • RDS Table CRUD DAO/ActiveRecord & Flex Assembler CFC Generation Wizard
  • CF Remote Development Services Plug-in
  • Actionscript Value Object to CFC Value Object Wizard
  • CFC Value Object to Actionscript Value Object Wizard
  • ColdFusion / Flex DB Application Generation Wizard  (available to B3 users around May 12)

We're particularly excited about Beta 3, and the productivity features we've added to FlexBuilder 2 for ColdFusion customers.

We're currently putting the final touches on the ColdFusion / Flex 2 DB Application Generation Wizard, and we hope to refresh the CF / FlexBuilder 2 plugins soon to add this exciting functionality that will bring hyper-RAD productivity to ColdFusion customers using FlexBuilder 2, to dramatically jump-start Flex 2 /CF DB application RIA construction.

For now, here's a sneak peek at the ColdFusion / Flex 2 DB Application Generation Wizard and resulting generated Flex 2 / ColdFusion application:

Wizard Navigation Panel Wizard Project Settings Panel

Sample Generated Flex 2 / ColdFusion Application

Get more info and download everything from the Labs site: here: http://labs.adobe.com

Welcome to the future of RAD RIA development!



Damon I am using the Application wizard on a project and am having a seious problem. When I have a form with a sub-form (Artist main form, their art in the grid is the sub-form) INSERT operations for the sub-form fail. I've tried it out with several databases and the problem persists. Main form data is inserted while sub-form data is ignored. Curiously, UPDATE & DELETE operations work fine. No errors are generated, it just doesn't work. There is code in the generated DAO.cfc that should be getting the newly minted ID of the parent table "

nice. very nice shot.

Damon I am using the Application wizard on a project and am having a seious problem.


I have no idea what the previous post means. But, since the subject is up again, the problem with INSERT operations on sub-forms was recognized by Adobe as a bug and fixed many moons ago.

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