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December 9, 2020
Adobe Collaborates with SpringSource with BlazeDS and LCDS

Adobe and Springsource announced yesterday the integration betweeen the Flash Platform and SpringSource. More details can be found in the press release here:

Some highlights:

1. REST support for BlazeDS and LCDS end points.
2. An option to configure BlazeDS and LC DS components using Spring configuration.

Some Benefits:

1. Create your business logic once and access it over AMF from Flex and REST from AJax/HTML clients.
2. Easy to expose your existing spring beans over AMF to Flex clients. This should help in migrating existing Enterprise Java applications to leverage Adobe Flex/AIR.

Note that this new integration adapter from Spring will work with existing versions of BlazeDS and LCDS. I'll post more details as more info becomes available.



OK, so humor me here. How does this differ from Vroom's SpringFactory class?

Hey Andrew,

One difference (there will be more as we are able to talk about it) is that the SpringFlexFactory (here: links the standard DMS configuration to the Spring configuration. So for each component, you need to add something to remoting-config.xml and also add a new spring component.

The Spring integration enables you to avoid duplication of configuration, enabling you to have one configuration for data management, remote config or Spring config. Also, with the new Spring integration, once a bean is defined in Spring's config (or LCDS/BlazeDS configuration), it can be accessed by two protocols (AMF over HTTP and RTMP and REST over HTTP).

Currently you need to write all the code to access business logic deployed as a remote object from an HTML/Ajax client. Now you get it out of the box with no additional code.

More to come, but just a few of the differences. In general, it's a deeper integration and should add real value for customers.

Hope that helps!


Sweet. Now I'm interested. This sounds interesting.

sounds good.

One thing I that needs some work in terms of integrating BlazeDS and Spring is security - is that on your roadmap as well?

I had a hard time getting Spring Security to work with BlazeDS endpoints. BlazeDS by default uses conntainer managed security but we really need much more fine grained control (i.e. on the method level).

Also, I found that as soon as dispatcher servlets are used which in turn delegate AMF calls to the MessageBroker then performance suffers heavily.



Yeah, I've ben asked not to discuss any further details just yet, but I will definitely pass along your comments.

Thanks for the feedback!


If I had to take a guess, I'm figuring SpringSource will design the AMF remoting a lot like they did their remoting support for RMI, Burlap, Hessian, etc...