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August 4, 2007
JRun End of New Feature Development FAQ

We've recently posted an FAQ for JRun that details the end of new feature development plan and answers some key questions for JRun customers.

More details here: http://www.adobe.com/products/jrun/productinfo/faq/eod/

An excerpt:

"After careful consideration and analysis of both the server marketplace and customer feedback, Adobe plans to discontinue new feature development for Adobe® JRun™ software, the fast, affordable and reliable J2EE compatible application server. However, Adobe plans to release Updater 7, the next update to JRun, in the second half of 2007, in order to meet the needs of existing JRun customers."

Basically, the ColdFusion team has taken on the JRun team and taken the product under our wing. We're actively doing enhancements to JRun needed for ColdFusion, and that will continue for the long term foreseeable future. All the enhancements that went into the embedded JRun inside ColdFusion 8 are currently being baked into Updater 7 for JRun 4, and will go through an additional round of testing and then we'll release it to JRun customers. See the FAQ for what's in there.

The pattern for the future should look something like: ColdFusion needs some enhancements, they are made in JRun, integrated into ColdFusion, then rolled back out to JRun customers in the form of future Updaters, hot fixes, security fixes, etc.

Bottom line: Adobe JRun or ColdFusion customers are in good hands.

Here are some FAQ's for ColdFusion customers with regard to the JRun end of new feature development FAQ:

Q. What does the end of new feature development of JRun mean for me as a ColdFusion developer?
A. Very little. Adobe ColdFusion software uses JRun as the bundled J2EE application server in the classic “standalone” configuration and in the “multi-server configuration.” While Adobe has announced that there will be no new feature development for JRun as an independent commercial product, it is still very well suited for its current use in ColdFusion and we will continue to update JRun to address ColdFusion requirements. This development announcement will have no impact on the functionality of ColdFusion or any of its features.

Q. Can I still deploy ColdFusion on JRun?
A. Yes. ColdFusion MX 7 and the newly released ColdFusion 8, the 8th major release of ColdFusion, both include JRun as the bundled application server.

Q. Should I move to another J2EE application server?
A. There is absolutely no need to change application servers as JRun will be supported as part of ColdFusion for the foreseeable future. However, ColdFusion also continues to support the leading J2EE application servers from top vendors, so there are plenty of choices available should you wish to change for any reason: See http://www.adobe.com/products/coldfusion/systemreqs/ for the complete list of platforms supported by ColdFusion.

Q. What does this mean for my ColdFusion support contract? Can I still get support if I'm deployed on JRun?
A. Yes! ColdFusion, deployed either on the bundled JRun or on other supported J2EE application servers, has a full range of support plans available. See http://www.adobe.com/support/coldfusion/ for more details.

Q. Does Adobe also intend to discontinue development of ColdFusion?
A. No! Adobe’s commitment to continued development of ColdFusion is very strong. The recent ColdFusion 8 release is one of the most significant releases in the product’s more than 12 year history.

Q. Will Adobe continue to support JRun?
A. Yes. Adobe will continue to honor all existing support commitments. However, we will no longer sell new Gold-level contracts for JRun as of August 3rd, 2007. All active JRun Gold support contracts will be honored through to the end of their term. Upon renewal, customers may renew into the next highest level of support for JRun – Silver support. An Adobe Support Renewal representative will contact you 60 days prior to the expiration of your support contract to help you transition to your new plan.

If you are an existing Adobe OEM partner, contact your Account Manager for assistance with your contract terms.

If you have any questions regarding your JRun support agreement, contact a customer service representative at 1-800-833-6687 for North America. Outside North America, contact http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/.



OK so as a J2EE application - and no more JRun - or is ColdFusion now a bigger beast that JRun ever was?

I am thinking to CF9 and what the major shift will be. Is JRun becoming ColdFusion itself (as a platform) or something else entirely?

Hey Peter...no major shift expected for CF9...JRun will power ColdFusion for the long haul.

Status quo.


I know other Adobe products use JRun as the J2EE servelet container, Breeze now Connect, LiveCycle etc. So are we right to assume that Adobe will continue to enhance what was JRun for those products as I think you state will be the case for CF. Or could it be that Adobe might use a different servelet container in the longer term?

That is good news. JRun (have been using it for years) just works and is uncomplicated but very useful.

The plan is pretty much status quo, guys. JRun rocks, it's proven, solid, fast and does everything we need it to do, and we'll keep it fresh on current and new OS's, web servers, DB's, VM's, etc, and with any other tweaks or "freshness" updates required by any of the OEM's, including CF.



Thanks for the post, Damon, and for clarifying things.

Peter - yes, looks like CF is bigger than JRun and is now the boss. Maybe this move will give Damon's team greater flexibility in future? i.e. if they want to add a new CF feature but JRun needs to be changed first, they'll just elbow the JRun developer and say "Hey!" :-)

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Hello All, As Damon mentioned Adobe is coming up with an Updater 7 for Jrun4. The beta version is already out. I would certainly recommend you to use it. Please register yourself here. https://prerelease.adobe.com/callout/default.html?callid={046DAD6A-D2F3-47E5-A745-E1C9F38570DA} Please feel free to let us know your feedbacks and comments (good or bad :))

Thanks and Regards, Bhakti Pingale Adobe ColdFusion and JRun Team