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January 14, 2020
Adobe ColdFusion...What Next?

We'd like your feedback!

First, though, I'll note that Adobe ColdFusion 8 continues it's UNBELIEVABLE adoption curve without sign of letting up, and we now have the all-OS 64-bit platform support firmly in Beta now for 8.0.1, code-named "Gemini".

So it's time once again to turn our sights to the horizon and get your input on what the ColdFusion team should focus on next, and we'd love your input:

Adobe ColdFusion Features Survey

Adobe ColdFusion Platform and Vendor Support Survey:

Thanks in advance!



umm..surverymonkey uses ASP! just think that is a little ironic.

Yeah, yeah, I know. :)

I think the Produc Manager guys have an account, so we're just piggy-backing on that.

You should have seen the INTERNAL discussion :)


Sweet, how about an Air-based Admin or Air-based CFReport Builder --- ooooh! Wow factor!

I'd love to see that curve.

Do you think that Flex is playing a part in increasing the adoption rate for CF?

12. What kind of Audio/Video support would you want from ColdFusion sick... sick sick sick, I would love to see this.

Why can't we have a 'tight' Coldfusion? Video/Audio? Why not have a function to generate knitting patterns while we're at it - stick it ALL in - maybe ?

A tight central language that is robust, and then Java-based add-ons for specific functionality - like we get everywhere else. Coldfusion DOES NOT need the kitchen sink in it to be a viable proposition.


Spot on. Couldn't agree with you more.



Hapex, Joel: Knit Witts... Java might just be for you guys, apparently it's tight...

Oh and if you don't like functionality, don't use cfquery, cfmail, cfloop, etc, etc... the whole language is built as 'shortcuts' to common tasks...things we do ALL THE TIME, that's the whole point of the language! Especially don't use cfpdf and cfschedule, this should all be out right??

Welcome to the ColdFusion community, obviously you two are new around here...

Neural interface, please. I'll have the surgery.

Actionscript serverside. (try to imagine how much of this is already done, vm's, ide tooling, etc...) all that is needed is to expose a coldfusion package. Imagine libraries you develop serverside going 'oh i wish i could use this in flash/flex/air...' --> done.