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December 2, 2007
My First Radio Station

As a kid I always thought I could do a better job at running a radio station and picking songs than the big national radio chains.

So to the right (in the nav bar) is a cut at a digital radio station I'll dub "Premium Christian Radio", commercial free, with the Flash Player as the DJ for now :)

EDIT: I've made some "programming changes":

1) Pulled out a bunch of songs that were good, but not so "Premium" in my judgment,
2) Added some additional content of various Christian artists that I thought did meet the bar for excellence,
3) Added in some more good Christmas music and trimmed some of the not-so-good stuff that was there, and
4) I've added a "open in popup" under the tuner that you can click to open the tuner in a new window so you don't have to keep my blog open all day while it plays.

EDIT #2:

All music should now be at about the same audio levels. No more running for the volume controls between tracks. Sorry about that!

Enjoy and comments welcome!