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October 15, 2020
Non-Work: This Was Your Life

This little comic book could be the most important thing you'll ever read...



Ah yes, a classic. I remember wasting time at church as a kid, reading a whole rack of these booklets. Did you do the flash work? I like the page turning. Much more sophisticated than I used to do around the time of flash 4.

Hey Nathan, I didn't put the Flash app together myself - it was put together by Jack Chick at Chick Publications. I just embedded it as they encourage folks to do.

This is a to-the-point message and if you read it, perhaps that church time as a kid wasn't wasted after all :)


... or... it may be worst thing you will ever read ... I don't need "A GOD", to separate good and bad... actually... there is no such things as good and bad... only cause and affect... and everything else is just interpretations... and they can be helpful or damaging.. for better or worst... as any other human action can be.

I don't need "A GOD" to tell me whats awaits me after death... I don't know.. and I don't care... instead of wasting my life for GUESSING what MIGHT happen after death... i think more on LIVING.

but.. its just me.. do whatever works for you...

>> there is no such things as good and bad... only cause and affect...I don't need "A GOD" to tell me whats awaits me after death

Hmm...if I'm wrong, not a big deal...I live a decent life with my beliefs, etc and die and get eaten by worms.

But if you're wrong, and there is a God and a judgement after death, that's a pretty major gamble: you get eternity in Hell.

If you think you're good enough to get into Heaven anyway, take this simple Good Person Test: http://www.goodpersontest.com.

Let me know how you make out :)


so... you are talking about risk management now ... ok.. lets see..

we have 2 options...

1 : there is a god : a: my biggest risk - I go to hell... b: yours biggest gain - you go to haven! 2 : there in no god : a: yours biggest risk - you will waste you time on man made fairy stories, made to better control you, and even have profit. Christ's Religion give you pretty much closed view about the world, witch at the same time is open for endless interpretations .. you lose lot of options to measure things differently... not through prism (filter more likely) of religion... ( but as I said... whatever works for you... :) ) b: my biggest gain - I live a free minded life. And put my time to explore and understand this interesting world full of "bad" and "evil" (how you call it). I enjoy everything I experience, and with open critically thinking mind, with my view about the world. Do I get wrong ideas... of coarse! all the time! actually thats the point, I evolve my ideas about the world, discarding my old believes an pursuit for new... better or worst. but I don't fear death... I don't fear unknown. I don't need bible or anyone else to answer them... even better : there is no true... one... answer. I don't fear beeng wrong, or have problems.. its natural parts of our lives... why would I want discard part of it thew it is so short anyway?

so before continue this in terms of risk management, we have to know the odds. of course we can't KNOW is there god or not... thats why it is a religion... you have to believe in such things. But what we know for sure - bible. as heart of this religion... Bible - it is man written book. there there about 12... 13... bibles written in roman times. at some points they contradict each other... an it may be true or false same way as Homer's Odyssey may be. also... about the Christ : none of historians of that time documented him... so... i think more likely there is no god... :) but... its pointless to say something like it to blind believer...

and your test... you gave me... it's bias... it's one sided... I don't see point in it. And if you truly believe in this test... I don't see much point to continue this conversation...

here is the test for you. Imagine - there is no god.. yore life without it... live for a weak thinking about it. See some movies full of new ideas... like : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-594683847743189197

If you cant... - then don't do it... you have a freedom to do whatever you want! (but... have you? ;) ) I know its hard... don't make mistakes... I was true believer once... I remember I was happy... but there was this thought in my head... that something was missing. I made hard choice and abandoned religion.. my world collapsed. But I build new one... and now I am happier then ever before.


PS : about 1b... I have accepted idea, that after death I will parish... I will dive into the black void... same way as you go to sleep and perish in blackness... so compared to that... hell sounds like better place to be... :) I know I will die one day.. so.. I try to take most of it... with every seconds.. with every breath.. I enjoy life.. and even if I die right after i press "Post" button - I will be happy. Because I know I did my best.. and USED my lifetime in purpose.. can you say that?

Hey Deril, if you have a few mins, check this out:



sure thing. Meanwhile you read this : http://www.caseagainstfaith.com/articles/strobel_cfac.htm

Yeah, I've seen that. He attacks Strobel's interviewees, but otherwise presents (still) no evidence for evolution.

Alas...the "missing links" are still...missing.

It takes a lot of faith to be an atheist, I will admit. More faith than I have, unfortunately.


sure thing... you will believe something simple and attractive... even its it fictional... rather then something complex.. and unbelievable... even it is right in front of you... :) paradox.. but.. thats nothing new. Ignorance is a bliss. I choose harder paths... and so far.. they teach me the most.

beside... you see "missing links" in evolution... and fail to see "missing links" in "intelligent design"? or... that "intelligent design" is just a theory... that has no links at all.

... all of these "links" is just a mater of faith.

ok... I have a question for you. What you need in order to rethink you believes... What can change your mind... and make you non believer? :)

don't get me wrong... I don't have a mission : lure you to devils side.. :D I have more interesting things to do. And I respect free will..

but, for sake of debate... is your believes falsifiable? in any way?

... all of these "links" is just a mater of faith.

ok... I have a question for you. What you need in order to rethink you believes... What can change your mind... and make you non believer? :)

don't get me wrong... I don't have a mission : lure you to devils side.. :D I have more interesting things to do. And I respect free will..

but, for sake of debate... is your believes falsifiable? in any way?

wow, I'm a little late for the party, but what a crock of shit that cartoon is. If, really, the only thing keeping you a good honest person is being scared of what some magic guy will think of you when you die... you're not a good person, end of story.

Welcome to the party :)

I posted this in repsonse to https://dcooper.org/?mode=entry&entry=0AFB4D1E-4E22-1671-5E740B1AF3025862, but I'll post it here as well, since it's related. With reard to the existance of a Creator:

As an engineer, and a rebel most of my life, I got skeptical about claims that we evolved by chance, and that aliens deposited our DNA on rocks from outer space and (the best one) that there is a machine that spits out universes and our happened to hit the jackpot for laws of physics that are perfect for life. These are the actual best theories today in the evolution-based scientific community for how we got here.

Sounded like total bull and pure science fiction to me.

As an engineering manager, I found it hard to believe, for example, that the 1 billion bits of information contained in the first DNA stand in the first cell, that tells the cell how to reproduce itself, setup protein factories, run the defense mechanism for the cell, manufacture food from its environment, etc could be assembled over long periods of time "by accident".

That's like saying Adobe ColdFusion 8 (consisting of only about 500,000 lines of code, written by my engineers and designed by my team) would write itself if you randomly shoved lines of code together for a few million years.

My engineers will tell you and I would posit: no way, not happening. No amount of monkeys hammering on keyboards would produce ColdFusion 8 in the length of time the universe has been around.

ColdFusion 8 had a designer. I think it's foolish to think the first DNA strand which is an incredible piece of programming work did not have a programmer. Definitely wasn't my team. Had to be someone, and there's only one option that I'm aware of. The aliens thing is too far out there for me.

I'd also posit that in the 200+ years of digging, and not having found a SINGLE shred of evidence for evolution between species, someone would finally say "Hey, maybe we need a new theory? This one has no evidence!". But we are still believing the company line out there: we came from mud. That's not scientific is all I can say.

Darwin himself in his book says that if any species would ever be found that could not have arisen from the process of evolution, then his theory would be invalidated. Take a look at the Flagella (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flagella). It's got a rotary motor that runs at 100,000 RPM, has two gears, consists of 40 parts, without any of which the species would have died. It's generally agreed this thing could not have evolved one step at a time (it would have died and therefore not been able to reproduce and carry on).

Probably the biggest piece of evidence I found amazing was the non-evidence, actually for evolution. The fossil record records changes within species but after 200+ years of digging stuff up, nobody has ever found a single, solitary example of inter-species evolution. How can that be possible if the theory is true?

Doesn't make sense to my skeptical brain.

What about the big bang theory? I think all scientists agree it's the way the universe got started. In general, anything that exists has a purpose. I have a keyboard, and it has a purpose. Mold exists and it has a purpose. The universe exists and started apparently from absolutely nothing somehow. How is that possible without something bigger and outside the universe involved?

And the list goes on and on if you truly take the skeptics view of what people are being told to believe and investigate the evidence from an unbiased perspective.

A jury who stands up as soon as the judge is seated and says "Your honor we have reached a verdict!" before the first gavel falls at the beginning of the case would not be taken seriously by the judge. Similarly, emotional responses to thought-provoking evidences PRIOR to reviewing the evidence makes little sense. I would suggest reviewing the evidence for yourself, and letting it lead you to your own conclusions, no matter where that might lead.

You might be surprised at what you find.


you fail to answer my question...

>>>you fail to answer my question...[for sake of debate... is your believes falsifiable? in any way?]

Whoops, you're correct.

Well, let me first ask: is yours?

At this point with the year-long personal investigation I've concluded, I have to say that the evidence poiting towards a Creator is overwhelming. The evidence supporting macroevolution (we know microevolution exists and can be observed) is just non-existant. I was pretty shocked when I discovered what a total hoax has been perpertrated on people. It's even less distastful when you realize that the scientific method I was trained to follow regardless of how uncomfortable the possible conclusion has been thrown out the window by some scientists themselves is mind-boggling.

If you can't explain the universe in terms that scientific data and observaytions can support, for goodness sake, don't stand behind a theory that "chance did it" without the slightest bit of evidence. Come up with a NEW hypothesis and theory for it all at least.

So I guess I'd have to see a NEW theory that the evidence supports, because evolution definitely doesn't cut the mustard.


thanks for answer. mine is simple. unless god come to me and shake my hand... or DO anything that directly influence our life... and will be unquestionable fact thats its a god, then... now it's a mith. so.. not worth my attention at all... or... then I die and go to hell... yes... that will work aether... :)

thanks for chat... I truly disagree with half you say. (for an instance : coldfusion is finite collection of 1 and 0 and in theory can be generated by chance... ) but I don't see any point to continue this conversation.

have a nice life. bye.

Thanks for ths discussion, Deril.