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September 27, 2004
Hello World!
Hello World! If this post works and you're seeing it, you're witnessing my first BLOG entry. Hopefully many more will follow, but we'll start small :)




Welcome to the land of web logs!

Thanks Tom. Should be interesting :)

Damon, good to see that you've finally joined the party!

Thanks, Rob. Should be interesting :)

Hey, nice blog. Where did you get it? ;)

the borg of blogs assimilates another. resistance is indeed futile...

does this mean we can expect blogs from tom, jim, et al?

he came...he saw...he blogged

Welcome Damon, its so exciting to see developers of the technology we use take part in the community.

Ray/Paul: Sweet wares :) ^8` (thanks very much!)

Everyone: thanks for the warm welcome!

(Paul, trust me, that was thank-you very much in Thai, before I realized I'm using a non-UNICODE DB driver) :) All in good time.

Paul, I already have a Blog, not too much CFMX on it thought (yet).

Hey Damon,

Looking forward to your entries!

Hey Damon, Great to see you have this up and running. Since Paul asked, yes I have a blog too: -- like Tom, however, not too much CF content up there at present. -Jim

d. welcome to the blogsphere...tony

damon, it's the thought that counts. thanks. why on earth aren't you using a unicode-capable DB?

jim/tom, nice blogs. glad to see neither of you are anarchists, criminally insane or serial killers ;-) though it's a bit disconcerting to see that you actually have live's outside of cf ;-)

Let the fun begin!

Hey, Damon, do you have a Yamaha AW4416???

I've been lusting over those for a few months now. I'd love to know what you think of it. Also the Event monitors. I've used the 5's before. They're very nice.


Hey Steve! Yeah, I've got the AW4416...very sweet machine. I'm still learning new stuff I can do on it. My advice: go for it...all good!