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September 18, 2005
(non-work!) Sesame Street Aliens Ring Tone
If you grew up on Sesame Street like I did, this will have you rolling on the ground laughing out loud with tears in your eyes...

Remember those "alien" Muppets ("Brrrrrg! Brrrrrg! Yip-Yip-Yip-Yip..."):

I found the clips below on the net somewhere one night after some searching, and made it my default ringtone on my phone (an Audiovox 5600 Windows Mobile Smartphone). The look on people faces when I get a call these days with the ringer on is pretty much priceless. :)

Some variations:
YipYip.mp3 (378k)
YipYip2.mp3 (54k)
YipYip3.mp3 (112k)
YipYip4.mp3 (115k)

Capabilities/methods vary for your phone/device, but to make one of these your default ringtone on Windows Mobile/Smartphone:

1) Copy the .MP3 files to your "\Storage\Application Data\Sounds" directory on your Windows Mobile/Smartphone device, and
2) Select one of them as your ringtone option in Settings

Have fun!



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