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January 29, 2007
Adobe ColdFusion Scorpio FAQ and Pre-Release Program Signup

A small Scorpio FAQ, some Scorpio desktop wallpaper and a link to the Scorpio Pre-release program signup survey is available on Adobe Labs here:


See you in the forums "on the inside"...



I hope this time around Adobe focus on things that aren't possible with current CF, or barely possible with some major workarounds. Threading, and please please please, object serialization. It's next to impossible to have true failover without it.

Image manipulation can be done in a thousand other ways with CF. ImageMagick being one of them. If it's good enough for Flickr, It's good enough for me. If it doesn't have some Photoshop magic up it's sleeve, I couldn't care less.

.Net integration? If I wanted .Net, I'd code in .Net.

I think you'll be blown away by how far we've come and what's now in Scorpio.

Sign up for the pre-release program and let's chat more under NDA.


You were right, some killer features in there ;) Great stuff, and a few small but very very important fixes/improvements.