September 22, 2007
FuseTalk Version 3.1 Records Stellar Performance on ColdFusion 8

From the Press Release:

"This significant upgrade has been fully tested on ColdFusion 8 with stellar performance improvements noted across the entire application. Average page time and requests per second turned in a whopping 50% improvement from version 7 to 8."

The Press Release from FuseTalk is HERE.

Greg Waite, CEO of FuseTalk is quoted in the Press Release:

"Adobe's ColdFusion 8 is a real break-through product for the Web community at large -- it offers incredible flexibility, performance and stability."

"Add the power of ColdFusion to run across multiple platforms, simplify complex web development and provide enrichment and extensibility to other standards such as JAVA, .NET, Exchange, Flex and AJAX and PDF, and you have a powerful winning combination for building WEB 2.0 communities." Waite added.


I think ColdFusion 8 is a definite winner, judging by the early feedback. Organizations seem to increasingly be looking for technologies that deliver dramatic power and productivity gains as they embark on new Web 2.0 Flex and AJAX Web application projects, and ColdFusion 8 is apparently just what the doctor ordered to build these applications within existing IT J2EE and .NET infrastructures, quickly and easily.

Add in the tremendous performance gains we delivered in ColdFusion 8, with highly optimized native compilation to super tight Java VM bytecode, and organizations can not only develop powerful new Web 2.0 applications faster than ever, but can also run them as native, fastest-ever, highly scalable J2EE applications as well.

Viva Adobe ColdFusion.


September 21, 2007
ColdFusion 8 Cumulative Hot Fixes Now Available

I've been remiss in not getting this blogged earlier, but we've released some fixes for some late breaking bugs in the Final ColdFusion 8.0 product release here:

Additionally, folks having any of the following three CFDOCUMENT issues can apply this ColdFusion 8.0 CFDOCUMENT patch here:

I apologize for letting these get into the Final release, but at least we have the patches out there now! We'll try to stay as repsonsive as we can.



September 19, 2007
Non-Work: Scorpions Life Is Too Short

Great video from their "Accoustica" album, for those who appreciate good accoustic guitar work. Enjoy.


September 14, 2007
ColdFusion e-Cards

I have no comment on this, other than to say....we love Ben, he obviously loves Adobe ColdFusion, and this appears to use ColdFusion 8's imaging capabilities :)


August 30, 2007
Native Apple iPhone Applications (and Customizing Your iPhone)

Playing around with my iPhone on my vacation, it now seems that the early hacks have evolved into a pair of fairly mature iPhone utility and management applications. There's also a newly flourishing group of 3rd party native applications that seem truly useful.

iBrickr (for Windows) and Funtastic (for Mac) are simple, very easy-to-use desktop applications that manage iPhone ring tones, native application finding (and auto-installation and updating) and more. The group of 3rd party native iPhone apps available is growing and being updated daily (literally). If you're interesting in exploring this stuff, iBrickr and iFuntastic are good starting points.

You can manage native iPhone application installation/uninstallation, access the iPhone Mac OS X file system directly, download and install/update native apps over the network from the phone itself, change and install custom ring tones, etc.

Here's a screen shot of my iPhone main screen with some of these native apps installed:

I was really tickled to be able to get my favorite ring tone, the Sesame Street Aliens back. :)

You can also keep updated as new versions of everything become available, you can get the Nintendo NES iPhone emulator (thousands of NES games are available), customize any of the iPhone sounds, organize and change the icons shown in the iPhone main "SpringBoard" application, get access to SFTP, SSH (to terminal into the device) IRC, and more. Apache, SQL Lite, Perl and Ruby have also been ported natively so far.

Here's an interesting little 2-way video conferencing sample app/mirror setup put together by a couple of students:

And here's one list of the currently downloadable 3rd party native iPhone apps available: (".pxl" files are just zip files with a specific Mac OS X app bundled format). This list is expanding rapidly as developers now are able to use some of the standard Apple Mac OS X developer tools to build iPhone apps, apparently.

For a headset, I use the Jawbone bluetooth headset I mentioned previously, and I was pleased to discover it works very well AND the headset volume can be controlled from the iPhone directly (my Windows Mobile 5 SmartPhone didn't do this).

In my car, I have a Nav-TV iPod connection for charging and sending audio to the car's audio system, and a ProClip vehicle-specific iPod mount, and I must say that it's great to have Google Maps and real-time traffic in front of me. It's also a very nice touch to have the music playing through the car audio, then have a call come in, and have the iPhone courteously fade out the music so I can take the call, then fade back in the music when the call is done. Nice attention to detail by Apple there. Of course, since it is a wide-screen video iPod, I can rotate the screen sideways in the mount and play movies and videos over the car's audio system so my young son stays entertained on longer trips as well.

For even longer trips or airplane rides, you can also rip full-length DVD movies to the iPhone at double-play speed using several available utilities. I use the CucuSoft iPhone Video Converter Suite, but I understand there are now some free ones out there as well. You can fit about 6 full-length DVD movies plus a decent "to-go" playlist music collection onto the 8GB with plenty of room to spare.

I've also re-discovered the world of professional "podcasts" available now via iTunes, which has come a long way since I last checked, and now, video podcasts. My current selection includes CNN's Anderson Cooper's 360 Daily (full Video podcast), NPR's "On Point" with Tom Ashbrook, NPR's "Fresh Air", NPR's "Hourly News Summary", PRI's "The World: Technology", the "ColdFusion Weekly" (of course!), the "Apple Phone Show", NPR's "Business Story of the Day" and others.

Finally, there's an iPhone screenshot utility by Erica Sadun available here that can be useful. In additional to the main screen shot above, here are a few additional screenshots I created using this utility:

I'd love to hear from others what their experiences have been with the iPhone, what apps they'd like to see written for it, and any cool pointers to any other native iPhone apps or other relavent works going on out there for this device.

Now...back to vacation!