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November 3, 2020
Seth Hodgson (LCDS Team) is Now Blogging!

Seth Hodgson, Engineer Extraordinaire on the Adobe LiveCycle Data Services and BlazeDS engineering team (and one of the smartest people I know) is now online at:


Welcome Seth!!

From Seth's about page:

"I'm a computer scientist living in beautiful Oakland, CA with my wife and daughter and I work on LiveCycle Data Services, BlazeDS and Flex at Adobe. This is a personal blog, opinions expressed are my own and don't reflect those of my employer." :)


October 22, 2020
CIO Magazine - ColdFusion Tops List of Best Application Servers

Adobe ColdFusion 8 has received some great press from CIO Magazine on the Evans Data Corp report on Application Servers.

Check it out here:

CIO Magazine - ColdFusion Tops List of Best Application Servers


October 21, 2020
Capacity Planning Guide Now Available for LiveCycle Data Services 2.6

Just published: the Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 Capacity Planning Guide.

With LiveCycle Data Services 2.6, you can create Adobe Flex applications that can deliver thousands of messages per second to thousands of end users simultaneously:

This document presents the results of software benchmark tests performed by Adobe engineers on my LiveCycle Data Services team and show how LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 can scale linearly and perform under load using various messaging scenarios that represent real-world situations. It provides a starting point for those who need to plan a hardware and software infrastructure that scales in a linear fashion to meet peak period demand.

Check it out here: Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 Capacity Planning Guide


October 17, 2020
Non-Work: The Case for A Creator

October 16, 2020
SD Times: Adobe ColdFusion 4th in App Servers in Evans Data Survey

Adobe ColdFusion placed very favorably in a year-long survey of more than 700 developers regarding eight application servers in enterprises.

"Windows Server and ColdFusion took third and fourth place, respectively [behind IBM WebSphere and Apache]. ColdFusion, in particular, rated highly in scalability, performance and support options. Evans Data attributed this spike in ColdFusion appreciation to last year's release of ColdFusion 8.0."

Check out the summary article here: http://www.sdtimes.com/link/32978

The full report describes the features and capabilities rated as:

Number of platforms supported
Value to cost ratio
Compatibility with other software
Integration with mobile devices
Messaging capabilities
Load balancer
Server infrastructure
XML and Web Services runtime
Session persistence
Database connectivity
Transaction services
EAI and legacy support
Security features
Change management
Application management console
Event log

and says,

"...ColdFusion offers not only a good, easy to use application server, but also easy access to other Adobe technologies."

"In July of 2007, Adobe introduced version 8.0 of ColdFusion. This new version provides Microsoft .NET integration, integration with Adobe Acrobat forms, and enhanced performance. In fact, Adobe claims version 8.0 is four times faster than the previous version, and the product’s users in this survey felt that performance was one of the server’s strongest points, along with scalability, security, and support."

"Version 8.0 also allows the creation of dynamic presentations using Adobe Acrobat Connect, and a built-in ColdFusion Server Monitor to help spot bottlenecks that slow performance."

"Other additions to ColdFusion 8.0 are built-in AJAX widgets, file archive manipulation, Microsoft Exchange server integration, multi-threading, perapplication settings, Atom and RSS feeds, reporting enhancements, stronger encryption libraries, array and structure improvements, and improved database interaction. But a major benefit of the product is its ability to turn any browser content into PDF."


October 15, 2020
Non-Work: This Was Your Life

This little comic book could be the most important thing you'll ever read...


Adobe Creative Suite 4 and Flash Player 10 Now Available!

Read the press releases here:

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Now Shipping
October 15, 2020

Adobe Flash Player 10 Now Available
October 15, 2020

Come and get 'em! Improve your web experience just by installing the new Flash Player 10 by visiting this page: Flash Player 10 Page and check out the unbelievable features and fusion of Adobe and former Macromedia technologies in the new CS4 suite here: Creative Suite 4 page.


October 9, 2020
Adobe CS4 Rocks

I've installed and am using CS4 Production Premium, and let me just say it totally rocks.

I should note here that Adobe employees obviously have early access to our own pre-release bits at any point in the release cycle, so I would not infer from this posting when the bits would be publicly available, etc, just watch the Adobe web site for that. However, we did announce that Adobe Creative Suite 4 and its associated point products are scheduled to ship in "October 2020 with availability through Adobe Authorized Resellers and the Adobe Store" so -- there. :)

Now, I'm obviously a little biased here as an Adobe employee but as one small feature example, the new "Transcribe" option in CS4 which analyzes and transcribes audio tracks with spoken speech into actual text (stored in the metadata of the file), is absolutely, positively mind-blowing. You can actually search for text and jump to that exact point in the file where the word instances you are searching for were spoken. Using this to speed the production of multi-lingual subtitles on videos on DVD production, would be one real-world use for this. Just transcribe, review, translate and burn with multi-lingual subtitles on your videos. I'm lost for words.

The bits aren't yet available to the general public (coming soon), but you can check out the details on the Adobe site for now and I think you can pre-order but don't quote me on that:


All I can say is, Wow. Nice job guys.