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Viewing By Day : October 1, 2004 / Main
October 1, 2004

We're bringing virtually every ColdFusion engineer down to this event this year and we'll be having plenty of informal sessions to give you the real deal on Blackstone and ColdFusion in general. We were careful to built time into our Blackstone release schedule to ensure we account for changes in the product as a result of your feedback from MAX, so please take advantage of this unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the people building the product. We're very much looking forward to meeting you, hearing your experiences with ColdFusion and hearing how we can make Blackstone your secret weapon for application development.

Here's the MAX Agenda By Track, and here's the official Macromedia MAX 2004 site.

I'm doing the Mobile SMS Applications Made Easy session, and I hope to see you there.

Here are some of the ColdFusion and Blackstone-related list of sessions that have been posted so far:

Getting Started with ColdFusion
Building a Basic CMS with ColdFusion and Dreamweaver
Using ColdFusion to Power Flex and Flash Applications
The Future of ColdFusion: Blackstone
Database Design Fundamentals
Structured Development, ColdFusion Done the Right Way
Working with Multiple ColdFusion Instances
Leveraging Web Services with ColdFusion
Building for Scalability
Secure ColdFusion Applications
ColdFusion Performance Tips and Tricks
Building Internationalized and Multi-Lingual Applications
Integrating with Microsoft Office
Object Oriented ColdFusion
Advanced ColdFusion Components and Web Services
Java Powered ColdFusion
Coding for Reuse
The Infrastructure Impact
Blackstone Event Gateways
Mobile SMS Applications Made Easy
ColdFusion Printing and Reporting

So if you or anyone you know might be interested in Blackstone, reporting, dynamic FlashPaper 2.0 and PDF output, Rich Forms, XForms, ColdFusion, Flex, SMS mobile text messaging application development, Instant-Messaging and Presence-aware enabling applications, J2EE deployment, clustering, multi-threaded development, instance management, event-based programming, web services, rich internet application development, building your first web application, charting, cutting edge searching, performance & scalability, best practices, L110N application developement, building securing web applications, printing from web applications, content management, integrating with Microsoft technologies, and much, much, much more...

...then you definitely need to be at MAX 2004 this year in New Orleans. You and your organization will be positively impacted by this event.

See you there!