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January 14, 2020
Adobe ColdFusion...What Next?

We'd like your feedback!

First, though, I'll note that Adobe ColdFusion 8 continues it's UNBELIEVABLE adoption curve without sign of letting up, and we now have the all-OS 64-bit platform support firmly in Beta now for 8.0.1, code-named "Gemini".

So it's time once again to turn our sights to the horizon and get your input on what the ColdFusion team should focus on next, and we'd love your input:

Adobe ColdFusion Features Survey

Adobe ColdFusion Platform and Vendor Support Survey:

Thanks in advance!


LiveCycle Data Services Perspective

A good blog entry on the Coding Cowboys Blog about Adobe LiveCycle Data Services titled, "Flex (Now LiveCycle) Data Services: A Beginner's Perspective". Check it out here: