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October 14, 2004
Axis 1.2:: Almost There
We're pushing through the last mile to get Axis 1.2 done.

It's goodness, but we've had more than a few issues we've had to dig into and fix so far to help whip it into shape, but Doc literal requires it, so we're going for it and helping push the Apache project towards the end goal.

Standards and interoperability are goodness.


Information Security Magazine Correction Issued
From the editor at Information Security Magazine,

"We ran this in the newsletter today:

CORRECTION In the Oct. 7 issue of SWP's Weekly Security Planner we erroneously referred to ColdFusion. It’s a Web-application development platform from Macromedia used by Web sites for a variety of purposes including Web applications and e-commerce. It isn’t free and doesn’t come installed by default. Our thanks to the handful of readers who wrote in to correct us.

and fixed it on the Web site."