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April 14, 2006
Racing in SCCA Regional at NHIS on April 23, 2006
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I’ll be competing, as will my neighbor Darrin Hermeling at the New Hampshire International Speedway (NHIS) SCCA Regional event on April 23rd in the SSM (Showroom Spec Miata) class.

If you've ever been curious about driving race cars and competing, I’d strongly suggest starting with Skip Barber Racing School (http:/www.skipbarber.com). Their 3-day racing school is enough to get a letter of recommendation to the SCCA (http://www.scca.com) for an SCCA Regional Competition License application. I attended last fall at Daytona Speedway and I can tell you it's execllent, taught by professional drivers and these guys are passionate about racing. Their Alumni List is impressive and I think speaks for itself (the entire Andretti family, etc learned to drive race cars at Skip).

The schedule for the April 23rd event is in PDF format here. Qualifying runs start at 8:15am and go to noon, and racing starts shortly thereafter.

BTW, special thanks to Ben and Matt at P1 Motorsports for their help and patience in getting the "09" car ready. Much appreciated guys. Pics of the cars (including number "09" I'll be driving April 23rd) are HERE.

Should be fun and you're invited!

UPDATE 4/25/06:

Did the 2-day SCCA racing school (Fri/Sat) + the SCCA Regional race on Sunday, what a blast! My goal was to "not finish last" and I finished 24th out of 26 positions (3rd up). I qualified at 18th position, but spunout on the pace lap and went to the back of the line for the green flag. I had new rain tires on and the road had pretty much dried up, making things very slippery with cold tires, but whoo! whoo! :) I'm very pleased with that as my first ever Showroom Spec Miata (SSM) class SCCA regional race, and first time at NHIS.

My neighbor Darrin Hermeling finished 13th, which is really awesome.

Lots of very good drivers, and I particularly learned a lot by following the lead drivers around the course, studying their braking, turn-in, apex and track-out points, as well as their speed and shifting at each spot. Some of these guys are pros, so it was a great experience. Can't wait till next time.

Next up: more racing and the Skip Barber 2-day Advanced Racing School.