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June 14, 2006
Builder.com: Take advantage of an opportunity while the ColdFusion landscape is hot
Great article on Builder.com by Brian Kotek on why it's truly an excellent time to be a ColdFusion developer:


On the CF + Flex 2 combination in particular:

"The FlexBuilder IDE contains some excellent ColdFusion development tools, and allows you to literally build an entire Flex application in minutes. If you have seen Ruby's scaffolding in action, you will have an idea of how rapidly you can use FlexBuilder to create Flex apps and all the related ColdFusion server-side components. The impact that Flex 2.0 is going to have, not just on ColdFusion development but on Web development as a whole, is (in my humble opinion) going to be huge."

I couldn't agree more. The coming months will be an incredible time to be part of this community!