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May 16, 2007
Come See Scorpio & Say Hello @ Boston CFUG Tonight

Jason Delmore, CF PM is showing Scorpio tonight at the Boston CFUG. It's being held at the Adobe Newton engineering office in Newton, MA, just down the hall from us CF engineering folks.


Tom Jordahl and I (at very least) will be there from the ColdFusion engineering team to help heckle Jason, and maybe help answer a few questions if we can as well :)

See you there!


Quote: 'ColdFusion 8 looks freakin' sweet-a**'

"ColdFusion 8 looks freakin' sweet-a** and I can't wait for it hit the shelves. With every version of ColdFusion brining even more outstanding features to the table, one can't help but think... is there some divine intervention going on here?"

More here:


It's actually just listening to our customers...intimately, and solving their problems.

(Ok, ok, that and a few beers to help the creative process.)

Thanks for the kind words, guys.