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December 2, 2007
My First Radio Station

As a kid I always thought I could do a better job at running a radio station and picking songs than the big national radio chains.

So to the right (in the nav bar) is a cut at a digital radio station I'll dub "Premium Christian Radio", commercial free, with the Flash Player as the DJ for now :)

EDIT: I've made some "programming changes":

1) Pulled out a bunch of songs that were good, but not so "Premium" in my judgment,
2) Added some additional content of various Christian artists that I thought did meet the bar for excellence,
3) Added in some more good Christmas music and trimmed some of the not-so-good stuff that was there, and
4) I've added a "open in popup" under the tuner that you can click to open the tuner in a new window so you don't have to keep my blog open all day while it plays.

EDIT #2:

All music should now be at about the same audio levels. No more running for the volume controls between tracks. Sorry about that!

Enjoy and comments welcome!

EDIT #3:

Ok, sorry guys, but I've decided to shut 'er down. I keep coming across the copyright warnings on the music, and I think the right thing to do is to defer to properly licensed Internet Radio Stations to do this work.

I've enjoyed playing DJ, though, listening to probably thousands of songs to find the songs that have both exceptional content and exceptional message. I sincerely hope you guys enjoyed the music and perhaps I even helped you discover some new music you wouldn't have otherwise.

The full iTunes playlists of all the music are published in the latest blog post HERE.

FYI, a GREAT little Internet radio station that's got all the proper licensing and reporting setup required of the music industry, called "Solid Rock Radio" is online and is located here:


The owner and DJ, Lee has much the same taste and high standards I do, so please check it out.

Thanks and signig off! :)