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September 20, 2005
CF Online Survey #1
Research is underway on the ColdFusion team, and we've created several various research teams, each focused on various research "themes", and they're currently collecting data from every conceivable source (internal and external, existing customers and new potential customers).

From time to time during this process, one or more CF engineering research teams may have some questions they'd like to pose to a sampling of customers, and while results from these mini-surveys are not, by themselves a scientifically accurate sampling of our customer base, they do provide important data points along the way.

The first mini-survey has some specific questions for CF customers around J2EE/OS/DB support, etc in CF, and has a handful of questions that we’d love to get your feedback on. This one should take less than 5 min of your time and can be found here:


We would very much appreciate your input on this and future mini-surveys. You can help drive the direction of CF, and we appreciate and value your input very much. Look for more of these in the near future, as we look to integrate YOU directly into the design of Scorpio!

Again, thanks very much for your feedback!