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December 22, 2007
Unbelievable Christian Music Mixes now on iTunes

I put these together and they're now available via iTunes. (The Christmas mix is at the bottom if you want some great Christmas music).

When you click on these iMix panels (Flex apps from Apple) you get iTunes opened up on your local computer and you can buy the songs or play the song previews, etc.

For the record, I get absolutely nothing out of this other than the pleasure of sharing pointers to good music, and seeing how many other people agree with me, so be sure to VOTE on these there in iTunes!! :)

Also, FYI, for anyone with a Sirius satellite radio, Channel 66 "Spirit Radio" is also pretty good. Check it out online here: http://www.sirius.com/spirit. Since I got it installed in my car, it's pretty much become my default Sirius channel.

XM satellite radio customers can tune into XM Channel 32 "The Message" which is similar on XM. Check it out here: http://www.xmradio.com/onxm/channelpage.xmc?ch=32.

Merry Christmas to everyone and have a safe and Happy New Year!