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February 27, 2020
Tour of California Report: Flex + Flash + LiveCycle Data Services + FMS == WOOT!

Last week I blogged about how Adobe was again a major sponsor of the Tour of California bike race, which happens at the end of February each year, and how this year’s race was powered by Flex and LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 (yes, the *BETA*) running on clustered servers at Media Temple.

Here's a quick update circulated internally by Allan Padgett now that the race has concluded:

In short, all of the hard work the Flex, Flash, LCDS and FMS teams have done have enabled the creation of, in the words of one viewer, "One of the best things I've ever seen on the web." We went from 5,000 users last year to over 60,000 simultaneous users EVERY day this year. And we have had inquiries from events around the world asking if Adobe technology can help them too.

Quite simply, no other technology in the world today could have allowed this to be done so quickly with such a small team. AeG, Amgen and the entire cycling community are incredibly grateful that something like this is possible.

Here are just a few of the emails that we have received. I hope they show everyone that, while ship dates and numbers are what makes Adobe run, changing people's lives is what makes the people at Adobe run.

"This is what the web is all about and what I would have envisioned for the web back in 1996. Great job. Thank you for highlighting the shape of things to come."

"Tour of California coverage was great, and the Adobe TourTracker is one of the best software applications I've ever seen! Thanks to all for a great experience,"

"This is pretty much da bomb. Thanks."

Special thanks go to Allan Padgett, who was deeply involved at all levels, Ed Solovey, Alex Glosband, Seth Hodgson and Jeff Vroom from my team for their hard work transforming an application that was ready for 5,000 users last year into a "12-server cluster beast" that on the final day handled over 80,000 simultaneous users!

Additional thanks to Michael Gough, Chris Ewert, Mike Hone, Jim Pravitz, and Gever Tulley. It DOES take a village.

More details if you are curious...

The Tour Tracker provides in real time: live video of the race, GPS information about the riders, updates from the cycling press, official and fan photos of the race, and a chat room for viewers to share the experience. In addition to the race-day data feeds, it also provides detailed previews about each day of the race, biographies of all the riders, and a way to review previous days.

This is the second year that Adobe has offered AeG, the owner of the Tour, the "Adobe Tour Tracker" for their event. Briefly, the Tour Tracker is a Flex application written in Flex 3 connected to a cluster of 12 LiveCycle Data Services servers and a network of FMS servers provided by Akamai. GPS data comes from units on the cars and on the bikes, using the cellular network to send GPS via UDP back to one of our LCDS servers. The video streams go from the camera on a motorcycle to a plane flying overhead to a truck on the ground to satellite in the sky and finally to Akamai's FMS network. Chat is via LCDS messaging. Play by play is via LCDS Data Management. Photos are using the Flickr API.

Check it out live here: