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October 5, 2005
Great quote from a CF developer RE: Dreamweaver 8
To quote Tom Lane (with his permission):

"DW 8 has gotten a lot faster and leaner...it’s way ahead of other tools in terms of CFML code support. It's even added some very HomeSite-esque coder features like the coding toolbar and code collapse. It's also very extensible and integrates with different tools. You don't have to touch design view any more."

"That's why I'm probably going to use DW8 as my first choice for CF -- and I am as code-centric as it gets baby. I was on the frontlines years ago championing HomeSite and code-centric features with the Dreamweaver team. I'm one of those HomeSite users that didn't notice when it dropped the design view tab. But the DW8 code editor has come a long way, and if I can come around to loving it, I think others can too."