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March 7, 2020
BlazeDS Nightly Builds Now Available

The BlazeDS Nightly Builds are now available on the BlazeDS Open Source site. Thanks to Kumaran Nallore on the BlazeDS/LCDS team for his efforts in getting this done!

You can access the Nightly Builds page directly here:


This page has also been made accessible from the BlazeDS Home Project page as well in the Downloads section, select the link called "Download BlazeDS now".

These are the last successful builds as of about 2:00 AM EST daily, which is when the build process that pushes the nightly build is scheduled to run. Please note that these builds have no correlation with any approved or certified builds.



Adobe ColdFusion 8 Wins Dr. Dobb's 18th Annual Jolt Award!

Adobe ColdFusion 8 has been announced as the winner of the “Web Development Tools” category of the Dr. Dobb’s 18th Annual Jolt Awards.

Winners will be featured in the June issue of Dr. Dobb’s Journal. For the full list of winners, take a look here:


As the Director of Engineering for the Adobe ColdFusion engineering and QA teams that built ColdFusion 8, I'm obviously very, very proud of what we accomplished. Thanks to everyone involved in making it such an awesome product, especially our Beta testers, who contributed countless months of testing, feedback, suggestions, ideas and healthy criticism to help make ColdFusion 8 the best release of ColdFusion EVER.

The full list of credits for ColdFusion 8 can be found in the ColdFusion 8 Administrator, but I've listed them here as well for all to see. Everyone who worked on ColdFusion 8 be very proud of what they created, and of the tremendous job they did:

Engineering Management
Damon Cooper, Director of Engineering
Hemant Khandelwal, Engineering Manager
Praveen Gupta, Quality Assurance Manager
Kristen Schofield, Senior Program Manager
Vishal Manakame, Senior Program Manager

Engineering Team
Ashwin Mathew
Awdhesh Kumar
Carol Frampton
Chandan Kumar
Dean Harmon
Hareni Venkatramanan
Kiran Sakhare
M. Prabhakar Shenoy
Prayank Swaroop
Rakshith N
Ramchandra Kulkarni
Rupesh Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar
Tom Jordahl
Vijay Shah

Quality Assurance Team
Ahamad Patan
Asha K S
Bhakti Pingale
Bill Sahlas
Bob Powell
David O'Leary
Dipanwita Sarkar
Farah Gron
Jayesh Viradiya
Manju Kiran P Kiran
Sandeep Paliwal
Steven Erat
Tata Sankaram
Vamseekrishna Manneboina
Vinu Kumar

Documentation & Localization Team
Randy Nielsen, Documentation Manager
Anne Sandstrom, Documentation Lead
Hal Lichtin
Linda Adler
Sarah Hage

Product Management, Marketing, and Business Team
Jason Delmore, Senior Product Manager
Ben Forta, Product Evangelist
Tim Buntel, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Engineering Escalation Team
Ken Smith
Swathi Chitteddi
Tom Donovan

Best of Scorpio 1st Deadline Submitters and Testers Extraordinaire
Amit Yathirajadasan
Andy Sandefer
Patrick Steill
Randy Drisgill
Ray Camden
Sam Farmer
Terrence Ryan
Todd Sharp
Nick Walters

Congrats all! Now we need to figure out what to do with the award trophy....