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March 12, 2020
InfoWorld on Adobe ColdFusion 64-bit and 2009 Centaur release

Below is a freshly posted article from InfoWorld regarding persistent Adobe ColdFusion momentum, the 64-bit update, and the upcoming 2009 Centaur release by Paul Krill:

Check it out here:



March 10, 2020
Adobe ColdFusion Alternative Decides to Open Source

Apparently, in the second declaration as "winner" in just this last week, (Adobe ColdFusion 8 won the coveted 18th Annual Dr Dobbs "Jolt" award...see esarly post on that), New Atlanta has essentially conceded to Adobe ColdFusion and has decided to open source it's BlueDragon product and essentially get out of the business, from what I can gather from the announcement today.

We knew many years ago that language constructs and putting DB data on a web page was a commodity and that's why we focused every ounce of strength and energy on adding higher-level features that customers said they needed, making the product unbelievably easy to install, use and administer, and making it the fastest thing this side of the firewall.

"Innovate or die!" was the mantra the ColdFusion team lived by.

I do wish Vince and the folks at New Atlanta absolutely every success in whatever direction or focus they turn the bulk of their attention on next, however. They're super smart, very in tune with their customers, provide exceptional customer service, and they really did one heck of a job for such as small company.

In retrospect, I guess this was inevitable, and I had a bit of a clue of how things were going (and truly felt bad for them) last year at CFUNITED when their exhibit hall booth was all but deserted. Personally, I'll miss them as a friendly and passionate ColdFusion competitor, but I have no doubt they will be around and have great success for many years to come, delivering great products and services.

Here at Adobe, though, we're going to keep doing what we're doing: focusing on innovation and solving our customers problems. The next major release of ColdFusion is shaping up to be incredible!


March 7, 2020
BlazeDS Nightly Builds Now Available

The BlazeDS Nightly Builds are now available on the BlazeDS Open Source site. Thanks to Kumaran Nallore on the BlazeDS/LCDS team for his efforts in getting this done!

You can access the Nightly Builds page directly here:


This page has also been made accessible from the BlazeDS Home Project page as well in the Downloads section, select the link called "Download BlazeDS now".

These are the last successful builds as of about 2:00 AM EST daily, which is when the build process that pushes the nightly build is scheduled to run. Please note that these builds have no correlation with any approved or certified builds.



Adobe ColdFusion 8 Wins Dr. Dobb's 18th Annual Jolt Award!

Adobe ColdFusion 8 has been announced as the winner of the “Web Development Tools” category of the Dr. Dobb’s 18th Annual Jolt Awards.

Winners will be featured in the June issue of Dr. Dobb’s Journal. For the full list of winners, take a look here:


As the Director of Engineering for the Adobe ColdFusion engineering and QA teams that built ColdFusion 8, I'm obviously very, very proud of what we accomplished. Thanks to everyone involved in making it such an awesome product, especially our Beta testers, who contributed countless months of testing, feedback, suggestions, ideas and healthy criticism to help make ColdFusion 8 the best release of ColdFusion EVER.

The full list of credits for ColdFusion 8 can be found in the ColdFusion 8 Administrator, but I've listed them here as well for all to see. Everyone who worked on ColdFusion 8 be very proud of what they created, and of the tremendous job they did:

Engineering Management
Damon Cooper, Director of Engineering
Hemant Khandelwal, Engineering Manager
Praveen Gupta, Quality Assurance Manager
Kristen Schofield, Senior Program Manager
Vishal Manakame, Senior Program Manager

Engineering Team
Ashwin Mathew
Awdhesh Kumar
Carol Frampton
Chandan Kumar
Dean Harmon
Hareni Venkatramanan
Kiran Sakhare
M. Prabhakar Shenoy
Prayank Swaroop
Rakshith N
Ramchandra Kulkarni
Rupesh Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar
Tom Jordahl
Vijay Shah

Quality Assurance Team
Ahamad Patan
Asha K S
Bhakti Pingale
Bill Sahlas
Bob Powell
David O'Leary
Dipanwita Sarkar
Farah Gron
Jayesh Viradiya
Manju Kiran P Kiran
Sandeep Paliwal
Steven Erat
Tata Sankaram
Vamseekrishna Manneboina
Vinu Kumar

Documentation & Localization Team
Randy Nielsen, Documentation Manager
Anne Sandstrom, Documentation Lead
Hal Lichtin
Linda Adler
Sarah Hage

Product Management, Marketing, and Business Team
Jason Delmore, Senior Product Manager
Ben Forta, Product Evangelist
Tim Buntel, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Engineering Escalation Team
Ken Smith
Swathi Chitteddi
Tom Donovan

Best of Scorpio 1st Deadline Submitters and Testers Extraordinaire
Amit Yathirajadasan
Andy Sandefer
Patrick Steill
Randy Drisgill
Ray Camden
Sam Farmer
Terrence Ryan
Todd Sharp
Nick Walters

Congrats all! Now we need to figure out what to do with the award trophy....


February 28, 2020
Adobe ColdFusion 8: Believe the Hype

SitePoint has published an article by Brian Rinaldi entitled, "ColdFusion 8: Believe the Hype".

Check it out here: http://www.sitepoint.com/article/coldfusion-8-believe-hype


February 27, 2020
Tour of California Report: Flex + Flash + LiveCycle Data Services + FMS == WOOT!

Last week I blogged about how Adobe was again a major sponsor of the Tour of California bike race, which happens at the end of February each year, and how this year’s race was powered by Flex and LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 (yes, the *BETA*) running on clustered servers at Media Temple.

Here's a quick update circulated internally by Allan Padgett now that the race has concluded:

In short, all of the hard work the Flex, Flash, LCDS and FMS teams have done have enabled the creation of, in the words of one viewer, "One of the best things I've ever seen on the web." We went from 5,000 users last year to over 60,000 simultaneous users EVERY day this year. And we have had inquiries from events around the world asking if Adobe technology can help them too.

Quite simply, no other technology in the world today could have allowed this to be done so quickly with such a small team. AeG, Amgen and the entire cycling community are incredibly grateful that something like this is possible.

Here are just a few of the emails that we have received. I hope they show everyone that, while ship dates and numbers are what makes Adobe run, changing people's lives is what makes the people at Adobe run.

"This is what the web is all about and what I would have envisioned for the web back in 1996. Great job. Thank you for highlighting the shape of things to come."

"Tour of California coverage was great, and the Adobe TourTracker is one of the best software applications I've ever seen! Thanks to all for a great experience,"

"This is pretty much da bomb. Thanks."

Special thanks go to Allan Padgett, who was deeply involved at all levels, Ed Solovey, Alex Glosband, Seth Hodgson and Jeff Vroom from my team for their hard work transforming an application that was ready for 5,000 users last year into a "12-server cluster beast" that on the final day handled over 80,000 simultaneous users!

Additional thanks to Michael Gough, Chris Ewert, Mike Hone, Jim Pravitz, and Gever Tulley. It DOES take a village.

More details if you are curious...

The Tour Tracker provides in real time: live video of the race, GPS information about the riders, updates from the cycling press, official and fan photos of the race, and a chat room for viewers to share the experience. In addition to the race-day data feeds, it also provides detailed previews about each day of the race, biographies of all the riders, and a way to review previous days.

This is the second year that Adobe has offered AeG, the owner of the Tour, the "Adobe Tour Tracker" for their event. Briefly, the Tour Tracker is a Flex application written in Flex 3 connected to a cluster of 12 LiveCycle Data Services servers and a network of FMS servers provided by Akamai. GPS data comes from units on the cars and on the bikes, using the cellular network to send GPS via UDP back to one of our LCDS servers. The video streams go from the camera on a motorcycle to a plane flying overhead to a truck on the ground to satellite in the sky and finally to Akamai's FMS network. Chat is via LCDS messaging. Play by play is via LCDS Data Management. Photos are using the Flickr API.

Check it out live here:


February 25, 2020
Adobe Flex/RIA Developers: BlazeDS (Open Source Remoting and Messaging) is Now Available

BlazeDS (and Flex 3 SDK, Flex Builder 3 and AIR 1.0) are now available. As someone put it recently, "The Web will truly never be the same". Congrats to the Flex SDK, Flex Builder, AIR teams and our BlazeDS / LiveCycle Data Services team!

Find BlazeDS at it's new home here:


As a reminder, the Adobe RSS News Aggregator now has a dedicated "Channel" for BlazeDS and LiveCycle Data Services news feeds. Look for it to be "on fire" with Flex 3, AIR and BlazeDS discussions! :)

Find it here: HERE.


February 21, 2020
Behind Schedule and Over Budget? TryColdFusion.net

I'm obviously a little slow off the mark on blogging this one, but in case you haven't already seen this and wanted to help spread the word about ColdFusion in your own organization, or send to your colleagues in other organizations running behind schedule and over budget, this is a great place to start:



Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen on ColdFusion 8

Jared Rypka-Hauer interviewed Bruce Chizen, then-Adobe CEO about ColdFusion 8. The piece was published Feb 20, 2020, and you can read it here:



February 19, 2020
BlazeDS Smart Category Added to the Adobe MXNA News Aggregator

We've added and made public a new "Smart Category" on the MXNA Adobe News Aggregator site for BlazeDS and LiveCycle Data Services, called "BlazeDS".

Search terms this Smart Category looks for include "BlazeDS", "Blaze", "LCDS", LiveCycle Data Services" and "LiveCycle DataServices".

Look for it HERE.


February 18, 2020
Live Flex/LCDS 2.6 BETA California Bike Tour Tracker

Adobe is a major sponsor of the Tour of California bike race, which happens at the end of February each year. This year’s race is powered by Flex and LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 *BETA* running on 8 clustered servers at Media Temple.

Check it out here:

Special thanks to LCDS Engineering team members Alexander Glosband and Ed Solovey who worked through the weekend with Adobe's Allan Padgett to make this event successful (so far!) :)

Enjoy the race!


BlazeDS and the Developer Community

A great little intro article by Zach Stepek on BlazeDS and what it means for the developer community has been posted on the Adobe "Edge" newsletter site here.

If you're just getting your feet wet with Rich Internet Applications and Flex and wanting to take your apps to the next level, BlazeDS is for you, and best of all, like the Adobe Flex SDK, it's open source and free.

So what is it? BlazeDS is the server-based Java remoting and web messaging technology that enables developers to easily connect to back-end distributed data and push data in real-time to Adobe® Flex™ and Adobe AIR™ applications for more responsive rich Internet application (RIA) experiences.

The evolution to more engaging RIAs has created the need for better data connectivity options. Remoting simplifies the reuse of existing server logic automatically marshalling calls between the Flash client and the Java methods on the server. In addition, the use of a AMF binary data transfer format increases performance, allowing applications to load data up to 10 times faster than with text-based formats such as XML or SOAP.

Previously available only as part of Adobe LiveCycle® Data Services ES, Adobe is contributing the proven BlazeDS technologies to the community under the LGPL v3. BlazeDS gives the rapidly growing Adobe developer community free access to the powerful remoting and messaging technologies developed by Adobe.

Reasons to Adopt BlazeDS

The following are the top reasons to adopt BlazeDS:

1. Easily connect Flex and Adobe AIR™ applications built using Flex and Ajax to existing Java server logic
2. High performance data transfer for more responsive applications
3. Real-time server push over standard HTTP Full pub/sub messaging that extends existing messaging infrastructure
4. Free and Open source!
5. Range of data services solutions available from Adobe to support a wide range business and application requirements

Adobe has published the AMF binary data protocol specification, on which the BlazeDS remoting and messaging implementation implementation is based, and is committed to partnering with the community to make this protocol available for every major server platform.

For now, until BlazeDS is finalized, get more information on BlazeDS and download the Release Candidate, check out the BlazeDS pages on Adobe Labs here:


Also keep an eye out on the Adobe Open Source site, for further details on BlazeDS and Adobe's open source plans as they are posted:



February 15, 2020
Adobe ColdFusion 8 Is a Codie Award Finalist

The Software Publishers Association (SPA), now the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) recently announced the Codie Awards Finalists for 2020, and Adobe ColdFusion 8 has made the short list.

This is basically the software industry's equivalent to of the the "Grammy's", and it's a fantastic honor to be nominated and make the Finalist short list, especially having been part of the awesome team that produced Adobe ColdFusion 8.

These awards provide a unique opportunity for companies to earn the praise of their peers and competitors. The Codie Awards program, now in its twenty-first year, remains the standard-bearer for celebrating outstanding achievement and vision in our industry. ColdFusion 8 is nominated as a finalist in the "Best Web Services Solution" category. Other Adobe finalists are LiveCycle Rights Management ES, Captivate 3, and Acrobat Connect Professional.

Way to go team!