August 19, 2006
Adobe ColdFusion is #1 in Japanese Customer Satisfaction Survey

NIKKEI Computer is one of the most respected IT magazines in Japan and Adobe ColdFusion is "#1" in the Web Application Servers category in their 2006 11th annual Customer Satisfaction Survey results.

Here's a link to a shortened PDF version of the survey results (in Japanese with key portions annotated in English):

CS survey by Nikkei Computer2006_short ver2.pdf

ColdFusion won #1 for performance, reliability, productivity of application development, and total CS points.

In fact, the Adobe ColdFusion/JRun combo got the highest rating in almost every category, well above Oracle App Server (#2) and NEC (#3)...BEA WebLogic, IBM Websphere, TomCat, Hitachi Cosminexus, etc.

Congratulations team!


August 15, 2006
New! ColdFusion Resource Portal

Ray Camden has created a site for ColdFusion developers analogous to the site Adobe created for Flex developers at

It's a single page, but it's jam-packed full of the essential ColdFusion Developer and Community resources, Blogs, Podcasts, Sites, User Group Info, Adobe CF Product Notifications, the "Smart Category" ColdFusion MXNA feed, the Adobe CF Events feed, ColdFusion download links, links to ALL ColdFusion product docs, IM Help Bots, CF Developer books, uses Ajax, and much much more.

If you do CF development or care about CF in any way, you need to make this site part of your daily routine.

Check it out:

(And nice work, Ray!)


August 14, 2006
Adobe ColdFusion Engineering is Hiring

The ColdFusion Server engineering team in Newton, MA is hiring. Recognizing that employees are at the core of our success, Adobe recruits and retains highly qualified and motivated individuals, creates an environment where they can innovate and achieve their best, and rewards them for their performance by giving them an opportunity to share in the company’s success.


We’re looking for a razor sharp coder who is driven to make a serious contribution to the implementation of one of the most innovative, broadly used and respected Internet Application products currently under development in the world. You will be responsible for development of key Adobe ColdFusion technologies used by literally hundreds of thousands of developers around the world to build rich, high-performance web and Internet applications.  In this role you will work on design and implementation of ColdFusion product features. Demonstrated multi-threaded server development expertise, outstanding software engineering skills and the ability to design and develop independently as well as in tight collaboration with other engineers are required.  Over and above what a “regular” commercial server software engineer is capable of, because of ColdFusion’s unique customer base and mantra to “make hard stuff easy”, you possess the natural ability (the “art”) to produce beautifully simple, elegant but fully enterprise-class capable, scalable and extensible solutions.  You must be able to successfully deliver on aggressive timelines and work in an environment where agility is valued, change is embraced and passionate engineering discussions over how to best serve the customer are encouraged. 


Design, document and develop robust, scalable system architectures. Work with other developers in the team to develop features within a common architecture.


To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and be able to produce effective, concise specifications and documentation as part of the design and development process.
  • Strong software development skills including data model design and the creation of well-engineered code. Strong object oriented design and coding skills are a must.
  • Capable of contributing in a fast paced, integrated product team environment.
  • Extremely proactive about building the best software possible.
  • Knowledge of Java and J2EE is required.
  • Knowledge of Web Service standards (SOAP, WSDL) is a major plus.
  • Knowledge of ColdFusion and CFML and familiarity with the ColdFusion developer community preferred.
  • Knowledge of Ajax frameworks, Flash, Flex and other Rich Internet Application development technologies are a plus.
  • Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or related engineering discipline.
  • 4+ years of recent experience working on data-intensive coding tasks.
  • Experience building web applications and working with application servers and databases
  • Solid appreciation of software engineering principles such as software lifecycles, version control and configuration management - while remaining flexible and agile.

Adobe believes personal fulfillment and company success go hand in hand, sustaining one another. In fact, our dynamic, rewarding working environment is well known – including seven consecutive years on FORTUNE magazine’s "100 Best Companies to Work For" and other, similar accolades. By hiring the very best and brightest, Adobe continues to be a simply better place to work – creating a dynamic environment today and providing incentives for future achievement.

If you (or somone you know) fit the bill, feel free to shoot a resume to me directly:


August 6, 2006
CF/Flex 2 Flash Remoting and CF/Flex 2 FDS Apps Available

The ColdFusion extensions for FlexBuilder 2 include the ability to generate complete, best practice, working CRUD applications with ColdFusion as the backend, and generates all the Flex 2 client tier, middle tier and backend code required, and even creates the FlexBuilder project for you. It's a pretty sweet piece of work, and serves to not only get you productive in minutes building apps you can use without any knowledge of ActionScript, MXML (or CFML for that matter), but also serves as a great aid to leraning the various technologies involved.

The CF/Flex 2 Application Wizard, or "Super Wizard" as we call it here, is based on a template application that was written and reviewed for best practices. The application that's generated by the Wizard uses Flex 2, the Flash Remoting Update in CF 7.0.2 and ColdFusion Components (CFC's) as the backend.

It would have been nice to have been able to have inlcuded the ability of the Super Wizard to generate a Flex 2 + CF and Flex Data Services (FDS) application as well with Flex Builder 2, but unfortunately, we just ran out of time.

However, we did get as far as a working copy of the application that was (will?) be used as the "template" app for the CF/FDS portion of the Super Wizard.

I OK'd Mike Nimer's posting of both template applications (CF/FR and CF/FDS) so you can check them out and at least see an example of what coding with CF to FDS vs Flash Remoting is like, and try out a CRUD FDS CF app for yourself to see the "push" and update conflict resolution in actiion (try running two app instances of the CF/FDS app and try updating the same record, for example, and see the conflict resolution in action).

Available Here



August 5, 2006
ColdFusion 7.0.2 Product Security Audit Report Available

In the spirit of openness, we've published the final ColdFusion 7.0.2 Product Security Audit Report given to us by the 3rd party security firm, IRM, used to examine ColdFusion 7.0.2 for potential vulnerabilities, here:

ColdFusion 7.0.2 IRM Security Audit Whitepaper

We'll try to make a practice of publishing the full final reports from our external product vulnerability audits for future releases from now on as well.


August 1, 2006
What's Your Ultimate ColdFusion IDE?

I have a few quick questions for ColdFusion Developers out there:

1) Which IDE(s) are you currently using for ColdFusion development? (IE Dreamweaver, CF Studio, FlexBuilder/Eclipse/CFEclipse, Notepad, other, etc)

2) What IDE's have you used in the past (and why did you switch)?,


3) Which IDE would you LIKE to be using if you could wave a "magic wand" and make ANY changes you wanted to your IDE of choice? What are those changes?

[NOTE: Before responding, be aware you'll be subscribed to further comments on this list.]


July 26, 2006
Future ColdFusion Features: How Do They Do That?

Blogs have been lighting up this past week with lots of great discussion around what folks would like to see (or not!) in future versions of ColdFusion.

Just a quick note to let everyone know on the affirmative: we're listening, reading pretty much every single post down to the last comments made by readers of those blogs, and let me just reassure folks that everything (yes, absolutely everything) gets considered.

The CF Team is focused on Scorpio development currently and in terms of picking the right "major" features of a release we're following a process known internally as the "Synchronous Development Process".

SDP helps us really nail down the defining features of the release to make sure they're the most relevant and useful for our customers. The process is fairly rigid, has been used by many recent product releases at Macromedia/Adobe, forces us to ask some hard questions of ourselves and customers, and it's the same process we followed when identifying the major features we had to do for the ColdFusion "Blackstone" (CF7) release.

An entire book could be written on the SDP process, but it's robust, iterative, it takes the "Core" SyncDev CF team on the road in "waves" talking to carefully selected groups of customers which represent the various parts of our customer base. It also has some great (and very sophisticated) tools and approaches and follows a formal, prescribed process to refine the feature list to the one that should make it into the product.

We also mix in favorite features and enhancements requested by customers from all the various forums, our own "CF flavored" home-cooked ideas, as well as tight integration with and use of other company technologies that make sense as well.

Of course, there are also features that we add in that are hatched by CF engineers themselves that are just too cool to leave out :) (You wouldn't believe the now fundamental features of CF that came down this route!)

Anyway, we're well under way building the future of CF, and while we do have a bunch of features already done, we still have a bunch of TBD features and other work to do as well, but please do know that we take input from everywhere we can find it and all ideas are considered.

We kicked off this release last year with about 15 solid weeks worth of all-hands-on-deck research that came up with a set of recommendations that serve as inputs to the SyncDev and development processes. Suffice it to say, a lot of planning, listening and innovation goes into the defining of a major ColdFusion release, but we never forget our roots and what we're about:

Making Hard Stuff Easy.

Keep the ideas and feedback coming!