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February 28, 2007
Adobe MAX 2007 Dates

This fall, Adobe will host customers, developers, and partners around the world at MAX 2007. This year’s conference will extend the MAX brand to encompass all of Adobe’s offerings. Therefore, all Adobe users will have content and programs available to them to learn new skills and explore emerging technologies, while connecting with peers and industry leaders.

This year's MAX dates:

North America MAX 2007
September 30-October 3, 2007
McCormick Place West, Chicago

October 2007
Barcelona, Spain

Japan MAX 2007
November 2007

I'll post more info when it's made available, but for now, please mark your calendars for the MAX near you.

(HINT: Adobe ColdFusion will surely be a significant part of this year's MAX event!)



This date isnt vary goed for me. Cna you change it for earlyer?

Hey Stan...MAX dates take a long time to nail down and many, many factors are considered before they're finalized, and we try our best to make sure they're convenient for as many customers as possible, given the locale, etc.

We also know that no matter how hard we try, they won't be ideal for everyone. Sorry of these aren't the best for you.

I'll post more info as it becomes available.


Ok, but why Barcelona and not London? Do they use more Adobe produts down there than up here?


Marcos Placona http://www.placona.co.uk

Marcos, how old are you?

Carlos M. Spain

London - cold and foggy. Barcelona - warm and sunny.

Martin. Norway

@Martin: True, and sounds like a very good reason to stick up for some holydays while in the meeting

@Carlos: I'm 23. Nice to meet you! Hope we can have some beers together in Barcelona!

Good news!! See you soon in Barcelona!!