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August 15, 2006
New! ColdFusion Resource Portal

Ray Camden has created a site for ColdFusion developers analogous to the site Adobe created for Flex developers at http://www.flex.org.

It's a single page, but it's jam-packed full of the essential ColdFusion Developer and Community resources, Blogs, Podcasts, Sites, User Group Info, Adobe CF Product Notifications, the "Smart Category" ColdFusion MXNA feed, the Adobe CF Events feed, ColdFusion download links, links to ALL ColdFusion product docs, IM Help Bots, CF Developer books, uses Ajax, and much much more.

If you do CF development or care about CF in any way, you need to make this site part of your daily routine.

Check it out:


(And nice work, Ray!)



Hi Damon,

If you or anyone like to see chinese version(of course CF) that you can look this one http://j2eemx.com

This is RIS(formerly CFDP ColdFusion Developer Portal site) website, now is Rich Internet Solutions.

We all focus on RIA, ColdFusion, Flex ...etc. sure this website also power by Coldfusion.