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March 4, 2007
Worlds' Smallest Baby Stroller

Summer's coming and the only way I'm going to get to go places with my wife and 9 month old in my 997 C4 Cabriolet (vs my wife's full SUV) for day/weekend trips is if I could find a baby stroller that would fold into the boot/trunk of the C4 Cab. (The C4 and Turbo trunks are even smaller than the already tight regular C2 trunks, since the extra gearing for the all-wheel-drive takes extra space).

Luggage and the baby will fit in the back seats for weekend trips, no problem, so I just needed to find a stroller that could fold easily into the C4 front trunk compartment.

And I've found one that will do the trick and fold to fit: the Quinny Zapp. It's 65cm X 30cm X 27cm (27.1 in X 11.8in X 10.6in) folded.

I did a rough measure of my C4's available trunk/boot area, and since I've removed my CD Changer in favor of the Nav-TV OP-iP iPod PCM interface, my available space measures roughly 25in X 18in X 12in, which, on the face of it doesn't look like it'd work, BUT I created a little mockup, and it turns out the diagonal length of the C4/Turbo boot area (minus CD changer) is 27.75in, which IS long enough for this stroller.

So, solution found, but I think other young fathers out there might also love this thing. It's tiny when folded, strong, goes anywhere (or you can leave it at grandma's house under the stairs) and holds your little critters up to 44lbs. Also good for traveling on airplanes, hooking on the back of a bike, etc.

I bought mine here (they ship to US and Canada):


Price: $229.



I can attest to Damon's post that the Quinny is a very good stroller. My wife received one as a gift last month and she's been very pleased. We have a one year old and he seems to like it as well. The only issue for me is that there isn't a storage space on the bottom, but she picked one up from eBay that will fit the Quinny. Not cheap, but worth it if you don't put your little one in a cart when you need to run some errands.

* I feel old commenting on a blog post about a stroller *

Just an odd question, where does the baby go in the car? Isnt that car a 2 seater? I thought it was unwise to put your baby in the front seat?

Ah looks like theres some super small seats in the back, prob just big enough for a car seat :)

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Could you tell me what car seat you used in your car as I have a CC at the momnet and am trying to find a car seat?

@Josh: the baby seat goes in back just fine, but it's the forward-facing one fomr Porsche (so the baby needs to be at least 1 year old before his first back-seact ride).

@Su: I bought the Porsche JuniorSeat from my local dealer. It fits great in the back seat of my Porsche 997 Cab with my wife comfortably up front, the stroller tucked away in the front trunk, the dog behind me with a big weekend getaway bag as well.

Details on the seat here:




Thanks for posting this! We're starting to shop for stuff for our first kid, and I remembered seeing this entry....we now have a Quinny Buzz sitting in our garage, ready for the kid to arrive in Dec.

I get geeked having a stoller that looks like a Segway mated with a weapons system.

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COOL! I've been looking for this. Nice post! I will be saving this page to my favorites for sure.

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