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June 13, 2007
ColdFusion 8: System Requirements Matrix Updated

Back when ColdFusion 7 shipped I posted a little photo-tour of the Newton facility and CF7 team area, the enterprise testing lab, etc.

This time around, well, it's pretty much all the same in terms of facilities, so I'd thought I'd drop down and do a quick walk around the ColdFusion 8 engineering and quality assurance areas today to show you what a world-class, mega software operation truly looks like.

Let me caveat this by saying....we have fun on the CF team, first and foremost. And we build some kick-butt software for our customers, and we're as passionate about what we're building as our customers are using it to change people's lives.

We take that responsibility given to us very seriously. But to somehow deal with the incredible stress and responsibility that comes with owning the worlds most used software, little indicators of dealing with the incredible stress begin to show as you walk around the CF R&D zone.

Let's call this...the ColdFusion 8 "Non-Tour" then. Click the "CF" logo to begin. May the team forgive me. :)



It is great to see official support for various versions of mssql and mysql. Derby offers some really interesting possibilities. Surprised that Postgres is enterprise only.

This sheet should really help the Adobe sales department and their confusion over osx support. Last call I had in they were reading very old materials that were obviously outdated.

Websphere 6.1 ND not supported on Linux? It's listed for the other platforms.

@Joel: yeah, WebSphere 6.1 on Linux (any Linux) is simply not stable, so we can't support it. We can set IBM WebSphere 6.1 into a hardcore 100% CPU lockup without any effort, and if we can't vouch for it, we can't support it.

Hopefully a future service pack from IBM will address this.


Why is MySQL supported for Standard, but PostgreSQL isn't? (but it is supported for Enterprise)?

We're on Enterprise anyway, I'm just curious why that decision was made.

What about Red Hat x86_64 (with a 32-bit JDK)?

No love for Debian/Ubuntu? Seems to work even without Adobe's official blessing, but it would be nice to get some of the official love.

On that note, why can't I run Standard on an alternate servlet container yet? Tomcat is already installed on my servers. Installing and maintaining a second container for CF is less than ideal. (I realize I could shell out another $4,700 per server, but...)

We are running ColdFusion on Debian since CFMX 6. Installation is always little tricky, but now it's running quite well. Oguz Demirkapi has posted a good tutorial for CF7 on Debian. http://demirkapi.net/tutorials/coldfusion_debian_installation.cfm

However I had read somwhere before that Debian would be officially supported with CF8. Now I'm not so happy that this won't be the case apparently.

Any particular reason why Tomcat isn't on the list?

Or is it just because it doesn't really fit into "Web Servers" or "J2EE Application Servers" since it is more of just a servlet container?

Definately +1 for PostgreSQL.

My comments were getting long, so I put them here:


Regardless of the outcome, I just wanted to say thanks for the transparency, I appreciate the extra work from the CF team in sharing information and taking developer feedback into consideration. We notice the difference.

Dan Wilson

Hey guys, thanks for the comments.

WRT PostgreSQL: yes, sorry guys, that's a mistake in the doc. we're shipping the driver, and it's in all Editions of ColdFusion 8.

WRT 64-bit Linux and Windows, not this time around, sorry. 64 bit Solaris is our first full-64 platform, and now that we've gone there, the rest will be easier, but we couldn't get them squeezed in in time for 8.0, sorry.

WRT official support for Debian/Ubuntu/Tomcat...these may work, but we had to draw the line somewhere in terms of our platform matrix. We're considering offering a list of the plaforms and configs that are "likely to work fine, but are not officially supported" as at least a stop gap for those folks who are interested in running stuff that's off the official list, but still mainstream. If you find a bug and call Support, though, they'd have to repro on a supported platform is the idea. Thoughts on this?

@Dan: Thanks, and we know how fortunate we are to have such a great customer base. We take that responsibility (not to mess up your product!) very seriously.


That makes sense Damon. Just in case this comes up in somebody's search some day, CF (unofficially!) works nicely on Ubuntu/Apache/Tomcat.


in the earlier post forget to mention the enviornment and Driver

I found an issue with Coldfusion 6.1 as well as Coldfusion 8 beta need to test the same in the Coldfusion 8 Final version

Enviornment : Coldfusion Mx 6.1 , 8 Beta OS : windows 2000

Driver : Coldfusion Oracle Native option Coldfusion Oracle Thin driver option ODBC Driver

Following are the issue description

Have an Oracle Database with Character set as AL32UTF8 and NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS= Char

I have created the table Table1 with the Columns as col1 char (1 char)

Inserted the values as "A"

When I use the query Select Col1 from table1 in Toad and SQL Plus it just returning data without the spaces Returned "A"

When I put the same query from CFM template it adding trailing space Eg: ‘A ‘

I realize your post was from almost a year ago, but did you ever figure out a solution to the AL32UT8 problem? I'm having the same problem with MX 7 and can't find a solution anywhere.

For what it's worth, when i had an issue with trailing spaces as you described, changing my postgresql ODBC driver fixed the issue. I went from 8.03... to 8.01.02. Part of the problem may have been that i had a different postgresql ODBC driver on my web server box than I had on my postgresql box.