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September 21, 2007
ColdFusion 8 Cumulative Hot Fixes Now Available

I've been remiss in not getting this blogged earlier, but we've released some fixes for some late breaking bugs in the Final ColdFusion 8.0 product release here:


Additionally, folks having any of the following three CFDOCUMENT issues can apply this ColdFusion 8.0 CFDOCUMENT patch here:


I apologize for letting these get into the Final release, but at least we have the patches out there now! We'll try to stay as repsonsive as we can.




Just a couple of comments and maybe I'm just being overly picky here. I realize that you're not in control of the content of the adobe site, but someone needs a serious poking at.

The cf support center on Adobe's website barely reflects anything CF8-wise. Go here http://www.adobe.com/support/coldfusion/ and all you see is Current English Version: ColdFusion 8. Click on either Updaters or Hotfixes and CF8 isn't anywhere to be found. Clicking on "Get the ColdFusion RSS Feed" points to markme.com still and it's dead in the water.

Secondly, the two hotfixes that Rupesh Kumar announced earlier (which is essentially what the cumulative patch is).. are whacked in terms of naming conventions. One was named chf8000001.jar and the other was named hf800-70403.jar. This isn't helping anyone who is actively trying to keep track of these things internally.

btw, your blog is throwing mail errors.

Thanks for the feedbacdk on the CF8 support site. I've forward this along.

The naming conventions are essentially: CHF*.jar's are Cumulative Hot Fixes (product level) and HF*.jar's are individual Hot Fixes for specific problems. The CF Admin actually makes sure that fixes are placed in the right places and loaded in the right order based on these conventions, so we do try to stick to them. I realize that Rupesh called the CFDOC HF a "Cumulative" HF, but it's technically just one HF.

Hope that's now clear as mud! :)

WRT the mail errors, yeah, sorry. I need to update my personal email on the BlogCFC config. I'll do that as soon as I can.



Hi...In a shared environment it appears that on some CF sites that aren't very active, CFMX8 or IIS or something is causing a disconnect making accessing a CF site take over 60 seconds to load. Once it loads up, it loads afterwards very quickly.

Any ideas on where to look?

Hi Michael Beveridge

For the first request there is lots of class loading and initialisation happens but you mentioned it is taking 60 sec and also it depends on the cfm ur requesting if it invlove querying to database or something like that it can take upto 60 sec.But we never encounter simple cfm taking 60 sec to load.

Will you please brief us what exactly ur doing in that cfm page so we repro and figure out real bottle neck.

Out of curiosity are there any hotfixes currently in the works?

We just started testing CF8 in the past month or so and so far ran into two issues. For whatever reason CFLDAP fails to communicate with our LDAP servers(I do not know what type they are, but doubt they are Active Directory) unless we do LDAPS calls for all lookups. Then some of our pages with decently complex queries are failing to load up, they just hang for a long time until we get a 500 error with the root cause being exceeding allowable time limit for CFQUERY.

The LDAP issue we can obviously work around via changing all calls to secure calls although I do not know if that would be an acceptable solution by the admins. Actually thought the first CF8 hotfix fixed the query issue for us when I installed it last week but it eaither only fixed it on the page I had to access that day or I simply am mistaken about it effecting it.

We have not contacted Adobe tech support on any of this since have not purchased CF8 and simply testing things out to see if we can go to it without issues. We do own CF6 and CF7, both of which work perfectly for the above mentioned issues.

I am facing issues with CFLDAP white trying CF 8? I work for an organization that is evaluating CF 8 before upgrading but for now, I have learnt that the CFLDAP doesnt work just as fine in CF8.

Why is that so? We use secured connections to LDAP and the keystore "cacerts" for connecting to the server. It was working just as fine in CF 7.