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January 18, 2007
ColdFusion/Flex App Wizard Demo & CF7 Performance Brief Posted

We've posted some new Adobe ColdFusion and Flex 2-related content to the Adobe website:

1. Flex Application Wizard:



This demo shows how to use ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder 2 to easily generate a complete rich Internet application to view and maintain records in a database.

2. ColdFusion MX7 Performance Brief:


The brief measures gains in application runtime performance by comparing average page response times in a test application across ColdFusion MX7 and multiple earlier versions of ColdFusion.



While I like the fact that this demo was recorded, it's the same demo / whitepaper that has been done twenty times over. The code that the code generator creates (while very elegant code that was done the "right way") is very hard for beginners to understand and follow. It is also very hard for people whom have been using Flex for a few months now to customize the application to suite their own needs.

Maybe some demos on the "Create CFC" or "Create AS" wizards, and how to use them? There is very little written on these other than they exist. It would be neat to see a sample on how to populate a data grid with one of the "Create CFC"'s, and send some of the results back to the server...

I don't know about "twenty times over", but yes, these have existed previously in various states but they've updated.

Not sure what you mean about " is very hard for beginners to understand and follow." We did out best to generate good, "best practice" and secure ActonScript and CFML code. If you have specific improvement suggestions, please do let me know.

WRT "It is also very hard for people whom have been using Flex for a few months now to customize the application to suite their own needs", you do realize you can re-run the Wizard multiple times on a generated app, correct?

The application Wizard was designed to allow you to generate a basic CRUD application, re-running the Wizard as many times as you need to get it "fairly close" to what you actually need in production, then you can abandon the Wizard approach and customize your final Wizard-gernated code to your hearts content.

The other Wizards are available via right-clicking on either DB tables in the RDS TableView or roght-clinking directly on the .AS or CFC files in the Explorer View. That quickly gets you the CFC and/or AS Value Objects (VO's) withoutb the drudgery of manually creating these based on a DB Table's columns (almost torterous to do it twice: once in CFML and once in AS...)



Damon -

The whitepaper makes mention of the cfdocument generating pdf/flash paper, but is weak in specifics. Your paper should have detail information for amount of memory (1gb - 4gb) for various OS/processor. We have pdf abort (document has no pages) if one creates +3000 records w/5 - 15 columns for 1gb Window 2000 cfmx enterprise server. I personally think cfdocument lacks performance compared to cfcontent w/word doc. We were told more memory is the solution from an Adobe customer tech. To me that is a poor answer, since it could work much better like cfcontent. I hope you don't stop making cfdocument better unlike flash forms or you might lose customers.

"document has no pages" can indeicate a number of problems, not the least of which is an IE/PDF Reader bug with older browsers.

We of course are making CFDOC better, and will continue to do so. This is not the place for tech support for your particular issue, however. We've tested PDF generation with PDF's of enormous sizes (thousands of pages) no problem.

Hopefully you can give tech support another chance to dig into your situation further.


Damon do you have any idea when FB for OSX will have the CF/Flex App Wizard added to it? Right now when I try it I get the following message "The Coldfusion/Flex Application Wizard is not currently available on this platform."

Thanks, Ali Daniali


Didn't mean the comment to come out as it did -- again I appreciate all the work you guys are doing to make our lives easier (and more productive). I was just caught in one of those "I don't understand why I'm getting this error, and there's no documentation or demos on how to do this" furies.

Best practice code is great, but unfortunately Flex best practices result in very confusing code unless you know how to follow it. I've been mentoring a few people on how to use Flex, but there is a huge learning curve between starting out in Flex and creating the Wizard application. Often times, customizing the application it generates requires a pretty heavy understanding of how Flex works, and all the components involved.

It would be nice to have some tutorials or how-tos that would explain HOW to build some of the components that the wizard creates. Like a how-to on how to pull a form down using the CFC's that were generated (or even how or why they were created that way), and then showing how to package the data back and send it so the CFC will update the database.

As people begin to understand how these components are built using the standards and best practices that were laid out, they will feel less intimidated with the code, and begin to use the generators that were created.

Nice blog. Great news!