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February 21, 2020
Behind Schedule and Over Budget? TryColdFusion.net

I'm obviously a little slow off the mark on blogging this one, but in case you haven't already seen this and wanted to help spread the word about ColdFusion in your own organization, or send to your colleagues in other organizations running behind schedule and over budget, this is a great place to start:




What happens if said company is behind schedule and over budget on a project to move away from a fully working app currently running on CF (and performing pretty well) as they want to move to something more "enterprisey"?

Well then, I think you sell your stock, update your resume and get out before the final organization implosion happens... :)

But more seriously, I think if listening to logic doesn't work, and you've tapped us to maybe help make the case internally to your execs and that still dorens't work, well....your options may be limited. Get out the Thinking in Java & J2EE books!