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July 21, 2020
LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 Released

A few days ago my team released LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 (aka "Update 1"), adding some key features and scalability and performance enhancements.

Find out more here here

The Release Notes can be found here.

We're very proud of this release and kudos to the team on a great job!



Hi Damon,

Release notes say that the minimum SDK required for 2.6 is build 1732 ( but the ColdFusion 8 updater ( Flex3_webtier_for_coldfusion8.zip ) seems to supply the

I'm trying to setup ColdFusion Data Management through LCDS 2.6. But it doesn't work if Data Management "scope" is "application".

Here is more details I posted. http://shigeru-nakagaki.com/index.cfm/2020/7/20/20200720-coldfusion-dao-of-LCDS-26-does-not-work-with-application-scope

@Shigeru We are investigating this, application scoped CFC assemblers may in fact be broken by a change in LCDS 2.6 which tries to instantiate the assembler as a Java class in a place it didn't in 2.5.1.

@João We are trying to get a version of the webtier ZIP for CF with an up-to-date SDK available for download. In the mean time, I would recommend using FlexBuilder 3 and the latest SDK downloaded from opensource.adobe.com to compile your MXML and not use the webtier compiler at all. It may not be very well supported moving forward (as maybe you can tell).

Tom, I always use FB to compile my applications. I would advise Adobe to promote "avoid server-side compilation" once and for all.

@João I certainly agree with you here. But the fact remains that requesting an MXML file from a browser is something that we shipped with CF8 and need to continue to support (at least for a while) till probably Centaur (the next major CF release).

I can imagine that we will not update the CF webtier for Flex 4 for instance.

Find an up to date version of the SDK in a form suitable for CF8.0.1 here: http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Downloads

Mind you there are use cases for server-side compilation - even if it isn't at the end of the HTTP request as per the flex 1.5/JSP Tag model.

I guess coders of flex coding code (that is a mouthful) will need to drop down to CFEXECUTE? or CFANT (ignoring that this tag is undocumented)?