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January 4, 2020
The Economist on ColdFusion 8

We received an email from Stewart Robinson at Economist.com and The Economist is now running on Adobe ColdFusion 8.

He writes,

"I thought I'd let you know that Economist.com has finished it's port to ColdFusion 8 across the whole live cluster and we have seen a reduction in page generation time of around 20% which is amazing and totally unexpected...the whole thing is ridiculously stable. I am amazed. Feel free to use this mail in any form you like."

Check it out here at http://www.economist.com

If you haven't upgraded to Adobe ColdFusion 8 yet, you're missing out on the instant boost of performance, scalability and stability ColdFusion 8 offers over all previous versions.

Just the process of upgrading will give your site and Web Applications a serious shot of adrenalin, not to mention making you look like a hero to your customers!



Heh....and I just got asked for that quote for CF8 this morning - Nice timing ;-)

What did they convert from?

They upgraded from an older copy of ColdFusion I understand.