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January 5, 2020
2020 Election: Undecided? Select-A-Candidate

Not one to venture far into politics (I'm Canadian, proud of it, and can do everything in this country but vote, which is normally ok by me), you do have to be hiding under a pretty big rock not to be inundated with the 2020 US Presidential Election coverage in the media and online. And I'm sure it'll only get worse as the year progresses :)

So I thought...if I could vote, who would be my candidate? After all, I have firmly held beliefs that both mainstream parties claim as near and dear to them. I suppose that puts me firmly in the "undecided" or "independent" camps, I don't know.

So I was trolling around with my morning coffee this morning trying to figure out which candidate from which party most closely maps to the issues I think are important, and came across this handy "candidate selector" tool where you plug in in what you're for and against, and it pops back your closest match for a 2020 Presidential Candidate.

Now, I make no claim as to this tool's accuracy, etc, but thought it was a good idea. Anyway, check it out (caveat emptor, etc):


EDIT: Two more I found interesting and you might find useful:

1) http://minnesota.publicradio.org/projects/ongoing/select_a_candidate/poll.php?race_id=13
2) http://www.selectsmart.com/president/2020.html



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