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January 7, 2020
Adobe ColdFusion IDE Survey

The Adobe ColdFusion team would like to understand more about how you develop CFML code, what tools you currently use, what features you look for, use and would like in a IDE.

The survey is very short and to-the-point and can be found here:


Please do take a minute or two to fill it out if your shop uses ColdFusion at all.

Thanks in advance!



Done! Thanks :)

But it is also sad... really does Adobe need a survey to know which features we would like to have? it's a lot of time we are waiting for a decent coldfusion IDE. A survey does not gain our hopes no more, and sometimes we developers are so frustrated that we are looking for other server-side solutions... just for the IDE... :(

A new IDE? You will have a tough time beating CFEclipse for price and features.

I'd pay for an IDE. Eclipse/CFEclipse is fine, but I'd MUCH rather have something which has official support from Adobe than something that was free.

At least they are asking. better than doing a macromedia and just dumping one that works great for one that doesn't work so great.

Giampaolo...I would say that it is a good thing they are asking. Do you really want to have someone else decide what features you want or would you rather that you had some say or at least the abilty to voice what features you want)...see ColdFusion support for DW for the results of someone else making that decision.

David: I posted in the survey that they should either create a version of DW sans the design elements for developers or if not, then dump some cash into CFEclipse to get it cup to speed (yes...I use CFEclipse and think it is a great product...but it is lacking in many respects compared to DW in useful features). I also pointed out that the price of DW has driven many people to CFEclipse. Many independant developes cannot lay out the cash to buy DW, while CFEclipse is free. if they had a reasonably priced version of DW...I would get it in an instant.

Blessings to all, Eric

I guess I don't see the point in paying for a commercial IDE when so much effort and time has been spent on the CFE project. Folks are always talking about how there should be more open source development for CF, why doesn't Adobe officially support CFE instead of reinventing the wheel? With flexbuilder based on eclipse, it seems to me that a new CF IDE by Adobe would hopefully be based on eclipse as well anyhow...

if there are features missing from CFE, why doesn't the community get behind them and put some effort into it, developing plugins?

My experience with CFEclipse is far from being good: sometimes I have to switch to Eclipse to use what DW does not have, or viceversa, but both products doesn't actually meet the developer's needs. DW is old, slow, buggy and full of features we don't need and lacking others we (perhaps in the future will) find in Eclipse - that is ok a wonderful project, thanks to Mike and the others to have done this... blah blah ... but for an old cf-developer like me, sorry, I cannot be fully productive as I could with Visual Studio or Zend Studio. I don't care if I have to pay, if it's an open source project maintained or not from Adobe, I only would like to not get mad because we don't have the right tool for developing in CFML.

We had an hope as Macromedia said it will support CFEclipse: but nothing happened... and we had a lot of patience. Now it seems they are still wondering which features would we like to have (ehy, no SVN support?)... after years of talks about a CFEclipse, DW, HomeSite etc.! Ok, another sign of hope or what else?

We have also to accept that developing plug-ins for Eclipse is not easy, the community in our case doesn't work very well on this (well... we are web developers! :) and a ColdFusion developer has a lot of work to do rather than programming an IDE just to use ColdFusion.

I'm sorry, but I don't understand how could we say that CFEclipse or Dreamweaver are good products - we simply don't have a better choice and just because we love coldfusion we are accepting this situation. But it's getting really hard, especially now that we have to work a lot on the client-side and that coldfusion is becoming more powerful.

Greetings from Germany :)

Thanks for the comments, gus, and for completing the survey. Feel free to point others there as well.

We aren't trying to hurt CFEclipse, for sure. What any potential final solution in this space looks like, I can't say, but we like CFEclipse, and perhaps it might even be included / built up / around.

We're considering all options and your feedback is very important to us.



Why not team with CFEclipse and offer a 'pro' version that includes adobe support and an enterprise feature set?

Jim, yeah, that's a possibility as well.

Literally, it's all on the table at this point.


It's good to see that Adobe are looking at their options :) An Adobe sponsored "Pro" IDE would be excellent.

What? Use something other than Homesite+? You would have to rip it out of my cold dead fingers. :D

If Eclipse wasn't such a memory hog, I'd use CFE, but until then it's still Homesite+ baby!

For those of you on the cfeclipse bandwagon, be aware that FTP support blows (borderline unusable). If that product is to be used as a base, PLEASE FIX the file explorer and in particular FTP!

Here's hoping CODA can add more more CF support, already works well enough to replace CFE but I am missing some stuff from CFE.

Actually I'd be back on homesite if I hadn't done the switcheroo to the mac.

So what you're saying is you weren't listening the first time? I guess not. Good to see Dreamweaver's getting SVN and CVS support! Woot!

I do like how you spit the survey by role. Do I do the survey twice if I use my ide in two different ways?

PS: Eclipse's GUI is crap... please don't base your code on eclipse!!

Eclipse is a wonderful tool. Please base your code on Eclipse!

...not likely I'd pay for an IDE... I'd like the IDE to be open source