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October 18, 2006
Revving Scorpio, Prepping for MAX and Innovating...

Just a quick note to let you know what the Adobe ColdFusion Engineering team has been up to. We've been been a little silent recently, but rest assured whenever you see that happen, it means we're heads-down working on something good :)

Most notably, we're preparing to rev Scorpio for testers with some of the biggest advances to ColdFusion in many years and a ton of other stuff you've asked for in the past as well. We aren't done innovating yet, but I'd say we're past the half-way mark on the pure construction part of the project, and the release validation "Sync Dev" process is now well behind us. As a result of that that process, which I've described previously, Scorpio changed in definition somewhat and was then fully validated with a broad spectrum of CF customers. They enthusiastically gave us "two thumbs up" and overwhelmingly told us they'd "definitely" upgrade when as spoon as it was available, and some customers actually begged us to back-port some of the features to CF7 so they could have them sooner! :)

There's no doubt in my mind that Scorpio, like CF7, will once again make history with the incredible amount of customer-focused innovation that's going into it. We haven't put EVERY feature ever asked for by customers in there, but I'm sure that Scoprio will be a must-have release, and that you'll find we've been listening to our customers very carefully. But don't worry, we've also thought alot about your future and the types off apps you'll be building in the next few years, and we're anticipating the tools you need to run circles around other developers struggling with piece-meal development alternatives. Our job is to make the hard stuff easy, make you guys heroes, and that’s what we're working to do with Scorpio.

We're also getting ready for the Adobe MAX 2006 conference in Las Vegas next week and everyone who's going is jazzed to be able to meet with customers again and hear their stories and how we can help them out.

If you're going, I look forward to meeting you, and be sure to stop by the ColdFusion booth....someone from the CF team will almost always be there on staff, and we'd love to talk with you about what you're working on and what your challenges are and how we can help.



Will somebody put me out of my misery and produce a list of new stuff in CF8.

I won't be attending MAX being based in the UK and all.

Ah, unfortunately the misery will have to conitnue just a little longer :)

You'll see a few of the new features at MAX, but the full list of what's in Scorpio hasn't been released. I believe Ben Forta will be speaking at CFDevCon (http://www.cfdevcon.com/) in London on Nov 6, 2006 and will likely show at least from of the features we plan to show at MAX, so definitley check that out.

Once we're further along you'll start to see more about Scorpio, but for now, get on CF 7.0.2 if you aren't already (your likely easiest migration path to Scorpio), and please let us know if you think there's something we MUST include in Scorpio!


The only thing I want to see is primarily better memory management. Almost the facility to have CF monitor itself and recommend better memory settings for the Jrun/J2EE server. This is very much a black art and the CF server should be self analysing looking at the three memory types J2EE uses to migrate objects etc...

I do realise this is possibly a seperate tool, but when you see the Jrun.exe process sitting at 1.1gb for hours on end with no cpu and crash when it hits 1.4gb, (there is a lot of traffic on our server), you know there are memory management issues and yes we are tuning like mad.

Again it's a server stability issue. I would almost go as far as provide people with the facility to choose their J2EE engine as part of the install (say deploy JBoss instead of Jrun which I know Adobe like).

I don't think it will solve all the issues, but I do feel if Adobe have dropped Jrun 5, then they need to give an alternative evolving J2EE server facilitator.

I do realise this is probably less CF and more J2EE related.


Thanks for the note. We'll hopefully have something in there for you.


Hey Damon :)

Long time no chat. Great to hear the CF team is still working on new versions. Working on CFMX with you guys was fun. It's now a pleasure to use the product daily.

My request: faster, meaner, more efficient.

Don't care too much for new features.

- I'd like to see a new/optimized Jrun engine in there, taking advantage of the most recent advances in JVMs. - As above, better memory management. - Better tuning advice for JVM settings. Perhaps something that, at runtime, can offer advice on such settings. - Ability to see WHERE memory is currently being used. i.e. how much memory are cached queries using? how much memory is the application scope taking? how much total in active sessions? - Caching! We love caching. Perhaps an optimized native CF_Accelerate. Partial page caching to disk, etc. - Ability to switch JVMs easily. We've always had terrible problems with JVMs throwing errors, crashing, and otherwise not working on linux when we switch from anything other than the default. Would be really nice if you guys could produce specific guidelines on using such-and-such JVM, what jvm.config parameters are recommended for each, etc.

To be honest, I don't really need any new features. CF is great as is. But we'd pay for noticably faster page throughput, better caching, less stress on hardware resources, etc.

And PLEASE give linux some significant QA love (RedHat, Fedora, some of those other RH-based flavors).

Thanks -- hope you're having fun there in Bahhston.

Later, Terry

Just thought I'd pass along a few suggestions, from my experiences with 7 (probably a little late).

Timeout with unresponsive web service calls, does seem to work well (we upgraded to JRockit 5.0, and this seems to have help a bunch, may be a jre issue) Max thread threshold for sandboxes, allows better resource management at the app level. Thread monitoring and automated thread killing based on thresholds like SeeFusion 4.0 does (our shared performance is so much better since we started using this). Speed of CFadmin/API with large # of DSN and sandboxes. Speed of restart of CF service with large number of .class files. Individual logging of sandboxes (application, exception logs, etc) Option with CFEXECUTE that pauses to wait for all command line output to return (try and ipconfig on a machine with hundreds of IPs), dumping to a file doesn't seem to work. XML parsing and searching of large files. CFSNMP CFSSH CFRSA (for logins with SecureID)

(Last 3 are probably real wishlist items)

A lot of these are geared toward our shared env, but people running a lot of multiple apps on one machine would probably find these very useful as well.

Other than that Scorpio seems like it's concentrating on performance which is awesome. The .NET integration is going to be the best thing ever for us, we can probably get away from .NET all together. ;-)