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November 21, 2004
Blackstone Summer 2004 Press Links
For anyone who may have missed some of the press and public mentions of Blackstone these past couple months due to vacations, etc, here's a quick compilation of Blackstone Summer 2004 press and public article links (in no particular order):

Official Macromedia ColdFusion "Blackstone" Sneak Peek
Fusion Authority
Software Development Times
CNet News
ColdFusion Developer's Journal



OK Damon, we all know you are the bees knees for the ColdFusion details (HARD.BUT.BEST.JOB.IN.WORLD). Please explain WTH Tim Buntel has been doing! LOL!

Yeah, Tim, that slacker :) I'll tell ya, we're lucky to have Tim on the CF team...I don't think I've ever met a more passionate, dedicated, hard working and fun avid customer advocate. Tim rocks the house...he did most of the interviews above single-handed, in about 2 days :)

(Watch out when he and Dave Gruber really get going for the actual launch!)