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October 3, 2004
Simple Blackstone and Flex Example

While it's probably obvious that the ColdFusion and Flex products very much compliment each other, the coming Blackstone release, when used with Flex will make for a very powerful solution for customers who are able to use both products.

The combination can use Flex as the presentation-tier solution for delivering enterprise Rich Internet Applications, and Blackstone for providing rich Printing and Reporting capabilities so often needed by powerful RIA's and (especially if you're already a ColdFusion shop), for powering backend logic.

Integration of Blackstone Printing and Reporting functionality, in the form of dynamically-generated FlashPaper 2.0 output might look similar to this, for example:

While this example is just a quick and dirty demo, obviously, and certainly not intended as the official integration story between the two products, I think it does make the point that Blackstone's Printing and Reporting capabilities can be powerful assets in Flex applications.

Check out more about Flex HERE.



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