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November 21, 2007
On Giant Scorpions and CF8 on 64-bit Windows, Linux and OSX

If you weren't aware, the ColdFusion team is currently hard at work adding native 64-bit platform support for ColdFusion 8 (which was code-named "Scorpio") for Windows, Linux and Leopard (OSX 10.5)

If you are interested in 64-bit support, would like to get your hands on the bits ASAP and are willing to participate in the pre-release program for these platforms, we have opened the gates for enrollment HERE.

In a (not really) related note, there was a story recently, where British scientists have stumbled across a fossilized claw, part of an ancient sea scorpion, that is of such large proportion it would make the entire creature the biggest bug ever.

How big? Bigger than you...2.5 meters, or EIGHT FEET, long.

Kinda like 64-bit Scorpio...big.   R E A L L Y   BIG.

To demonstrate both 64-bit Adobe ColdFusion 8 AND the giant scorpion, in relation to the average developer:



I never knew the average cf developer was so buff -- not to mention handsome!