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April 21, 2020
Adobe LiveCycle Data Services + Flex Power Tour de Georgia Bike Race

Yep, we're at it again. I blogged previously about Adobe's sponsorship of the Tour of California bike race, and this week Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 (Beta) and Flex is powering the Tour of Georgia bike race, running on clustered servers at Media Temple.

Again, special thanks go to Allan Padgett, who is deeply involved at all levels, Ed Solovey, Alex Glosband, Seth Hodgson and Jeff Vroom from my team (LiveCycle Data Services Engineering) for their hard work on this, tweaking the site, and finding a few issues of additional "bulletproofing" that will make it into the final LC Data Service 2.6 product as a result of the experience of powering the two Tour race events.

Briefly, the Tour Tracker is a Flex application written in Flex 3 connected to a cluster of 12 LiveCycle Data Services servers and a network of servers provided by Akamai. GPS data comes from units on the cars and on the bikes, using the cellular network to send GPS via UDP back to one of our LCDS servers. Chat is via LCDS messaging. Play by play is via LCDS Data Management. Photos are using the Flickr API.

Check it out live here:



Is there no live video feed for the Tour de Georgia or am I just missing where to get the video feed?