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October 7, 2004
Happy 10th Birthday, ColdFusion

Hard to believe it's already been nearly a full decade that ColdFusion has been making developers productive and powering dynamic web applications.

"Cold Fusion" 1.0 was released around June of 1995, and the rest, as they say, is history. ColdFusion has become a critical part of life over the years, for hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide, of every skill set and background.

The ColdFusion "Blackstone" release is going to be a truly landmark release: solid and stable, fast, reliable, powerful, empowering, with radical new capabilities, and breaking out of what has become an increasingly stagnant and commoditized list of application server functionality.

While we're not at the actual 10-year marker yet in terms of the 1.0 release, it was roughly 10 years ago when ideas were coming together, ideas and code were being prototyped, excitement was building around what could be possible, and early customers were getting a taste of what would be in store for them from the product that would in many ways come to change the world.

In many ways, we're at a similar place now with the work happening on the Blackstone release. There's something very special about this one, and it's palpable around here in everything from the customer feedback, to the energy, excitement and determination on the team, to the interest from other teams in making use of our technology, to the mountain of intellectual property amassed so far, and in a hundred other ways. It's an exciting time without a doubt, and you can feel it.

I think that in the innovative sense, we have hit the 10-year anniversary of that first great set of innovations, and we’re marking it with what I believe are equally radical and exciting innovations that will empower developers like never before and enable new categories of Internet applications with radical ease, in record time, and for many years to come.

Happy 10th Birthday, ColdFusion.



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Hi Damon,

I have made a very good living with ColdFusion in both development and teaching since 1997, when Matt Reider introduced me to the product. ColdFusion was also my first programming language, so it is definitely still my first love.

I once went to a VB/ASP user's group meeting, where I said I was a ColdFusion developer. Some dorky ASP developer said he felt sorry for me. I asked what he made per year, and then proceeded to tell him that I was earning 3x as much and that I felt sorry for him. :)

Anyway, I glad to see you are at the helm. My ColdFusion classes are always full. I can't wait for Blackstone to be released.

Best Regards,

Mike Kollen

Oh, my, that is quite a nostalgia trip... and wasn't even an official "Allarian" for very long.

CF has been a great tool for me, and I hope it stays great for another decade.

Actually ColdFusion won't be 10 years old until July next year. And I've been using it since day dot.

Please read the entire entry, this is made clear. Thanks

Started my life on ASP but got converted to coldfusion last year.

With the productivity I achieved with CF, I have spent practically everyday regretting why I never started on CF when it came out 9 years ago.