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November 25, 2007
Adobe Stock Showcased in Apple iPhone TV Ad

So....I'm watching "The Universe" on The History Channel this holiday weekend, and lo and behold, an Apple iPhone advertisement comes on (nothing shocking there...the Christmas shopping season has begun), and I'm half-paying attention, when....


Was that.....?

(I back up with my DVR for a closer look...)

Yep, sure enough, it's the Adobe stock symbol ("ADBE") on the Apple iPhone ad.

Huh! Well that's kinda cool.

(Yes, yes, I'm a long-time Adobe employee and shareholder and I admit I have a built-in sixth sense that automatically detects and alerts to any occurence of the four-letters "A-D-B-E"!)

I hit "pause" on the DVR and took a picture of the Apple iPhone ad with MY iPhone:


Does this mean Apple employees are watching Adobe stock on all their iPhones? Or maybe the Apple ad agency is a creative shop and thus uses a lot of Adobe products and it was a known quantity to them, or....

Perhaps, and more likely I suppose, they just wanted some commonly held stocks that are easily recognizable that were showing "green" (up) :)

Anyway, let the speculation and conspiracy theories begin, but I thought it was interesting!

I hope everyone had (and has) a great and safe holiday!



adobe is one of the like 5 stocks that comes on an iphone by default.

Hmmm...not on mine. Apple, Google, etc were there, but not Adobe.


What keeps amazing me is the contrast with Google and other stocks, look at the difference! Not only that, look how it goes up compared to the others...

humm, it came on mine