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July 18, 2006
Adobe XML/PDF Access Java Library Available

As Mike Potter blogs HERE, Adobe has made available the XPAAJ Java library for free download and use.

You no longer need to be in the Adobe Enterprise Developer Program to get access to the library, which is great.

"XPAAJ" roughly stands for "XML/PDF Access API for Java Applications", and Ben Forta's got some very cool CF custom tags he'll be posting up soon that make use of some of the functionality in this library, so download it and check it out.

Note that this is not "the" Adobe PDF Library that commercial software vendors and others can license from Adobe, but does allow for very useful PDF and PDF Form operations from a Java environment (including from ColdFusion of course, since ColdFusion is written in Java and you can use any Java API's in your CFML pages).

Some of the operattions XPAAJ can perform on PDF's include the ability to do:

- PDF Text extraction
- XML form data import/export
- XMP metadata export
- PDF Annotation import/export
- Conversions between PDF and XDP
- PDF File attachment import/export/delete

The SDK also contains Java code samples that demonstrate these operations, but watch Ben's Blog for more info on the ColdFusion custom tags he put together that use the Adobe XPAAJ library...cool stuff!

As Mike Potter also points out, there are a few key things to be aware of in the license:

1) You can use the software if a) you own a copy of Adobe Enterprise software (defined as commercially available versions of Adobe software branded as LiveCycle, ColdFusion or Flex), and you may only use it for your own internal business purpose OR b) You can use the software to develop programs to extract data from PDF files delivered to you from a licensed copy of LiveCycle Forms or Reader Extensions.

2) There are restrictions on the library WRT re-distribution, selling/reselling, etc.

(Be sure to read the license prior to downloading for full details.)

Download the XPAAJ Library Here




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