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July 12, 2007
The ColdFusion 8 *Non-Tour*

Back when ColdFusion MX 7 shipped I posted a little photo-tour of the Newton facility and CF7 team area, the enterprise testing lab, etc.

This time around, well, first off, we're NOT shipping yet, (in fact we are just getting the DVD burners out of their boxes!), but it's pretty much all the same in terms of facilities, so I'd thought I'd do a quick walk around the ColdFusion 8 engineering and quality assurance areas today to show you what a world-class, mega software operation truly looks like.

Let me caveat this by saying....we have fun on the CF team, first and foremost. And we build some kick-butt software for our customers, and we're as passionate about what we're building as our customers are using it to change people's lives.

We take that responsibility given to us very seriously. But to somehow deal with the incredible stress and responsibility that comes with owning the worlds most used software, little indicators of dealing with that stress begin to show as you walk around the CF R&D zone.

Let's call this...the ColdFusion 8 "Non-Tour" then. Click the "CF" logo to begin.

May the team forgive me. :)




It's times like these when I actually really do wish I'd applied to Allaire back in the Eagan, MN, days when they'd hire anyone who could type at least 30 words a minute and knew what "C++" was.

Shouldn't you guys add one more to the CF team? I mean, really, if you had another person on board, wouldn't that take some of the heat off now? ;)

I liked the DVD labeled GM...Must stand for Great Memories, eh? ;)


Don't bother with the DVD's, release now and let us download, who gets boxes anymore?

Argh! No Victoria Bitter (or Fosters) in the fridge?

Woo hoo, there's the tshirts I created based on Ashwin's drawing :)

I was really surprised not to see an Fat Tire in the fridge. I'm still waiting to see it distributed where I live.

With all the beer in that fridge I don't think there's room for auto parts, Dutch. Seriously... why would they want to stink up the fridge with old vulcanized rubber anyway?


Well, at least you have some Sam Adams in there along with... Pete's Wicked Ale?

"Pete's brew, Pete's Wicked brew, Pete's Wicked Summer brew... Who the f@#$ is Pete? F@#$ Pete!" - Denis Leary

Pete's Wicked Ale was my choice when I had to do a beer run... You mean you've never had Pete's?

Ahhh...I see the UM Stickers!

Good to see that the beer fridge is alive and well.