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August 13, 2020
To the Moon for Helium-3: The Long-Term Answer to Foreign Oil?

I came across this article on Helium-3, of which apparently just 40 tons of the stuff could power the entire United States for a full year. Check out the article here:


The catch? Helium-3 is only found in quantity on the moon.

Then we could switch all the US power plants to Helium-3 fusion reactors, which could be safe enough to put in US city centers. Then switch to electric plugin cars with gasoline backup engines like the Chevvy Volt.

Sure sounds good anyway. US $10 Billion/ton. Hmmmm...how do you file for mining rights on the moon anyway? :)



Just more than one reason to go back to the moon in which we shouldn't have left after Apollo.

The article mentions they have not yet proved they could burn it. Makes me wonder how they can be 'sure' of the value when they have not yet tested it. Patrick might be right... might be using the sustainability trends to sell us on funding a moon mission. I love the idea also, but pragmatically it is not something my taxes 'should' be spent on where it stands. :)