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August 16, 2020
Non-Work: Jesus and the Painter Video

A video I put together using Adobe Prmiere Pro CS3 and posted on YouTube.

If you have other ideas for similar projects, I'd love to hear them.

Broadband version: CLICK HERE.



The text was nice. (Music was distracting from actually meditating/thinking about the message for me). Painting was a bit unclear as what was there... but again, message was good.

I am reminded of the another passage thought where Abraham states that they have Moses and the prophets, and he also says they will not believe though one rise from the dead. Since the story was told by Jesus it seems like it would connect here. Perhaps it's like first John where it says the devils believe and tremble. Or like three smokers. One doesn't believe he will get cancer so he keeps smoking. Then there are two believers. One who believes but keeps on smoking and another with only the faith of a grain of mustard who hearing finds he cannot make smoking a routine part of life anymore. Not because he is afraid, but because he 'believes'.

I appreciate the post, thanks.

Always had mad respect for you man. You just went up a few notches in my book. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for your kind words guys. It was fun learing Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 to put this together.


I just edited the post to add a DVD-size and quality H.264 encoded, progressively streamed version if you have broadband connections. The direct link is here: