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March 24, 2005
Patent Pending Goodness!
Hopefully by now you've downloaded, installed and have started taking ColdFusion MX 7 out for a serious test drive or have deployed apps with some sweet new functionality. The ride should be very smooth and you should find the product extremely solid, with the creaks and bumps now ironed out on our 4-year old CF Java platform.

Besides all the amazing new features, if you haven't noticed in the CFMX7 Administrator: a small chunk text at the bottom of the page that cites the usual copyright notice, PLUS (for the first time ever) something new in the history of ColdFusion: "Patents Pending".

Unfortunately it's not possible to discuss what's covered (or not), as I believe they're filed undisclosed and I think remain sealed for 18 months, but they do cover great innovation by the ColdFusion engineering team, and speaks to just how truly innovative and different the CFMX7 release really is, compared to anything that's gone before.

The ColdFusion team is obviously very proud of ColdFusion MX 7, and we very much hope you are being treated even more like heroes with this new, powerful, unique and innovative set of new capabilities and tools at your disposal to solve new classes of problems and give your customers a really great user experience through your own innovation!



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